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All Dumbbells and All Kettlebells

All Dumbbells and All Kettlebells

Dumbbells and Kettlebells

Training with Dumbbells and Kettlebells plays a central role in the Fitness world. Although simple and minimal, these training tools actually boast design and construction techniques that raise any athlete's level of training, from beginners to athletes. Performance-oriented, the Dumbbells and Kettlebells' materials are designed for durability, resistance and safety. Everything needed by a training zone or garage gym owner.

Strength training, rehab, explosiveness... The dumbbells perform multiple functions within a specific training program. All the upper body can benefit from them, also involving the lower body muscles. In this section of the Xenios USA Online Shop, you can find dumbbells that meet every training need. Different weight ranges and materials can adapt to both Fitness boutique workouts and the toughest workouts in the box. Discover the advantages of training with rubber-coated hexagonal dumbbells with the ones from The Essentials collection. Or choose the ultra-resistant polyurethane coating of the X-Grips collection.

Never be afraid to give your best with the Xenios USA dumbbells and rely on the best construction techniques to ensure the highest level of safety.

Kettlebells allow you to train every muscle group in your body. In this section of the Online Shop, you can choose the kettlebell you need. You are spoilt for choice as for construction materials and features. From the classic Fitness Kettlebell, to the Girevoy Kettlebell, or the Evolution e-Coated Black Cast Iron Kettlebell... You will discover the evolution of an evergreen training tool for your workouts!

Discover all the equipment you need for your workouts in the Dumbbells and Kettlebells section on the Online Shop.