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29 Item(s)

Xenios USA Barbells: different types for different needs

Thanks to the research that Xenios USA puts into every design, it is able to create cutting-edge and quality equipment.
Indeed, finding the right gym barbell for you here, to train according to your needs and on your schedule, will not be difficult.

Among the most used equipment in the gym, barbells are indispensable for certain disciplines such as Powerlifting, weightlifting, and bodybuilding. However, the reasons for approaching an instrument like this are not always the same, which is why there are so many types.

The history of these tools dates back many years: elements reminiscent of challenges and weight training go back to the era of Egyptian princes, but references to this skill have also been found in writings from ancient China. In ancient Greece, their use was no longer solely focused on competitions, but weights were introduced in the preparation and maintenance of the physical efficiency of their warriors.

What is a barbell and what does it train?

A barbell is a steel bar, whose weight and length change based on the model and type you decide to use. On its ends, you can add discs, often made of cast iron, of varying weight: they are fixed with iron clips, and it is possible to load more than one disc at a time for each end.
Indeed, the purpose of the barbell, and the barbell with weights, is to train strength and develop mass in some muscles in particular.

Generally, regardless of the type of barbell you decide to use, the muscles most involved will be those of the upper body. In fact, arms, shoulders, and chest are involved in a high number of exercises; however, the use of the barbell to perform exercises that aim to train the abdomen, legs, buttocks, and other muscle groups should not be underestimated.
The variety of muscles that can be trained comes from the different exercises performed as well as from the different types of gym barbells that are used.

Some of the exercises that are most often performed with a barbell are deadlifts, fixed torso rows, barbell curls, bench presses, hip thrusts, and others.

Barbells | Xenios USA

How many types of barbells are there?

To meet the highest number of needs, Xenios USA has designed numerous models of barbells. Each of them has specific characteristics that make it ideal for a particular discipline or for a targeted type of training.

Weightlifting Barbell

This category of gym barbells, as the name suggests, has been specifically designed to meet the needs of weightlifting practitioners.
To address the main requirement of this sport, Xenios USA's Weightlifting barbells are constructed with the highest quality German steel, enabling them to support a maximum load of 1000kg. An 8-bearing system, on the other hand, ensures a perfectly smooth rotation.
Thanks to the research and development section, a special locking system has been patented: the sleeves are equipped with a double retention system; a cap and counter-cap mechanism that closes bayonet-style to lock all the sleeve components.
This locking system uses internal seeger rings to prevent them from popping out during the barbell's drop.

In this category, here at Xenios USA, you can find the Pro Weightlifting Barbell for men and the Pro Weightlifting Barbell for women: while sharing the aforementioned general characteristics, they differ in thickness, length, and weight, specific for athletes of the two genders.

Powerlifting Barbell

With the intent of meeting even more specific needs, Xenios USA has designed this type of barbell for Powerlifting practitioners.
Made with less elastic steel, it allows for the best execution of all the movements of the discipline such as deadlifts, squats, and bench press. Weighing 20kg, with a length of 220cm and a diameter of 29mm, it complies with IPF standards, making it perfect for those practicing this sport competitively. Thanks to the deep knurling on the grip, it's possible to have a firm hold on the barbell, thus enabling excellent performance even under heavy load.

Xenios USA offers two types of this barbell: Powerlifting Barbell for men and Powerlifting Absolute Black Barbell.

Cross Training Barbells

This category from Xenios USA aims to offer the best barbells in the field of equipment for functional training.
They are multifunctional tools, designed to meet numerous needs but especially numerous types of exercises.
All these barbells are made of steel, for durability and resistance, thus making them also suitable for disciplines such as Powerlifting and Weightlifting.
The sleeves of these barbells stand out for their quality, which, thanks to bronze bushings and bearings, ensure an impeccable rotation system for weight loading.

Included in this category of Cross Training barbells from Xenios USA are: Black Rod Pro Training Barbell, Cross Training Barbell for Men, Cross Training Barbell for Women, XKOT Cross Training Barbell for Men, XKOT Cross Training Barbell for Women, and finally the The Essentials version for both men and women.

Gym Barbells

Xenios USA has designed this line of barbells to meet the more general needs of common gym-goers; it is no longer about meeting specific needs for load resistance, wear, or competition regulations, as in other disciplines: here, the goal sought is that of a general workout.
To satisfy the most diverse needs and to cope with intensive use on various occasions, these barbells are made of high-strength steel with perfect knurling to establish the right feeling between the grip and the hand.

In this section, you will find the Olympic Barbells and the EZ Barbell.
The former are certainly the most versatile you can find, ideal for performing any exercise in your workout; they are not designed to withstand strong impacts, so weights should not be dropped. There is also its Short version available.
In the case of the EZ Barbell, we are faced with a much more specific tool. This can be immediately understood at first glance: its shaft is not straight but has curves along its entire length. This makes it specific for training arms, biceps, and triceps.

Learning Barbells

Within this category, Xenios USA has included barbells ideal for beginners to approach this world and to focus on the technicality of exercises, especially for some characteristics and factors that distinguish them.
What they have in common is certainly their reduced weight: even in the adult male version, the weight of the barbell, without load, is 5/10 kg less than more classic barbells.
Thanks to the quality of the material that constitutes them, and to the versatility due to the moderate weight that makes them usable by both female and male athletes, these barbells will be faithful companions in the first months of training and will allow you to refine technique while gradually increasing the weight.

Included in this category of Xenios USA barbells are: Aluminium Technique Barbell, Aluminium Technique Barbell for Children, and On Ramp Barbell.

Barbells for Children

What Xenios USA seeks is the satisfaction of all its customers, from the youngest to the veterans. The goal is indeed to offer quality tools that accompany athletes in their phases of growth and improvement.
For this reason, a line of barbells suitable for children has been created: different from the learning ones, they are designed to adapt even to the smallest, maintaining the qualities of classic technical barbells.

With their own characteristics and smaller dimensions, the barbells for children can be loaded with fractional rubber discs.
Even the aesthetics are well adapted to the athletes they are intended for: available in two colors, they are also appealing to the little ones.

Special Barbells

This category includes all Xenios USA barbells that have characteristics that set them apart from the more classic ones.
They are barbells with a larger diameter than normal or with a greater weight, but also with special shapes and structures.
Each of these is designed and studied to make it suitable for one or more types of training.

Within this category, you will find various barbells offered by Xenios USA such as: Curved Squat Barbell, Axle Bar, Heavy Duty Trap Bar, Strongman Log Bar, Swat Bar, Farmer Walk Barbells, Strongman Farmer Walk Barbells, and Arm Bar.

Preloaded Barbells

As an alternative, Xenios USA offers special barbells such as preloaded ones. Very common in gyms and home gyms, these types of equipment allow for complete and effective work on most of the body.
The advantage of these tools is that they are already complete, with a predetermined weight. You can choose from many different weights to find the right one for you.

At Xenios USA, you can find two variants that differ in the structure of the bar: there is the X-Grips PU Preloaded Barbell, with a straight shaft, and the EZ X-Grips PU Preloaded Barbell.
The term "PU" in both barbells stands for the polyurethane coating of the barbell ends, which makes them more durable over time.

How to recognize and choose a barbell?

Firstly, barbells are among the most common and used gym equipment in the fitness world; for this reason, they are also well-known. But, if you're not particularly experienced in the field and are afraid of not being able to recognize it, no problem: it won't be difficult. As can be understood at first glance, they are relatively simple equipment: in most cases, they are made up of a straight steel bar. In other cases, however, the bar is not linear but can be curved or have a more complex structure. The nature of barbells is to add more weight during the execution of an exercise; their characteristics are to be loadable, to increase the weight, and to be lifted with both hands.

And how to choose the right one? If you find yourself for the first time having to choose a barbell to buy, you must consider several factors, such as: starting level, goals you want to achieve, available space, and others.

If you are a beginner, then it might be useful to start with technical or learning barbells ideal for refining technique but, in some cases, also great for a good pre-workout warm-up.
If, on the other hand, you already know the movements and are able to perform them correctly, then you can start with more common barbells. If you are not pursuing too specific a goal, then the Olympic barbell is certainly a valid choice, given its versatility; if, however, the purpose is to practice a particular discipline, then it is necessary to choose equally targeted barbells.

As for the weight to start with, this depends on individual physical preparation: it is always advised to start with not too heavy weights, especially in these cases where its increase on the equipment is convenient and fast.

Furthermore, if it's your first time having to buy a tool like this, you will surely wonder: how much does a barbell cost?
Its price ranges from about 10€ to 25€ per kg.
You will notice that, as with many other purchases, the price of these tools varies and fluctuates for various reasons; certainly, one factor concerns the quality being sought, another is the type of tool you want to buy, but there are still many others that contribute to the variation in cost.

What other equipment is needed once you've bought a barbell?

Purchasing barbells for the gym is definitely a good investment, whether it's for a gym or just to enhance what you have in your home gym.
Already it will bring great improvements in the execution of workouts and exercises.
But if the intent is to always improve, there are other valid tools that will help you reach your goal.

Starting with the barbell itself, sooner or later it will be necessary to increase the load you are working with, and this can be comfortably done by adding weights of different heaviness to your bar. Essential in this case are collars, which are rings available in various materials and models to secure the weights on the barbell.
Based on the intensity and use you will make of it, you might then need other barbell accessories, such as pads to add to the shaft to make its neck support more comfortable, as well as lubricant for the bearings for good maintenance.
Then, as they say, one barbell leads to another: once you find the right one for you, you might want to continue experimenting, looking for equipment that follows your physical development. Here's where racks and barbell holders might come in handy to better organize your training tools and keep them safe from damage, even when not in use.

Besides specific accessories that might be useful once you've acquired a barbell, there are all those equipments that complement it.
To fully exploit its potential, it is indeed necessary to add to your workout at least one bench: whether it is flat or adjustable depends on the use you want to make of it. There are indeed many exercises that involve barbells and benches together but also many mistakes to avoid when performing them. But the bench is not the only tool that will help you in performing the exercises: the squat stand is another fundamental tool if the intent of the training is to always surpass one's limits and be autonomous and free to work even when alone.
For those who want to go further and create a versatile and complete gym, among rigs and racks you will find everything you need.

Now it's up to you to choose the barbell you prefer!

We have shown you all the Xenios USA barbells, with their features and diversity. Now it's up to you to decide which will be perfect to add to your gym.

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