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Stratigo - Accessories

14 Item(s)

14 Item(s)

Accessories for Stratigo ®

Stratigo ® is the isotonic machine presented by Xenios USA. The research and development department has combined professionalism and comfort into a single piece of equipment, making it versatile in its entirety. Indeed, its cable training offer extends into numerous types of stations, to meet the most diverse needs.
The cable training allows great freedom and aims to train strength through the use of weight packs.

Discover the versatility of Stratigo ®

One of its advantages is precisely the ability to be assembled in different ways, making it suitable for the needs of each buyer. In fact, there are numerous variables that can be assessed and chosen to structure Stratigo ® in the most effective way possible.

A first factor concerns the assembly mode; there are indeed 3 types:

  • Freestanding Station
  • Wall Station
  • Accessory Kit for Rack

A second choice to make is the one concerning the training mode that can be performed; in this case, there are another 3 types:

  • Multi Pulley
  • Combo Pulley
  • Adjustable Pulley

  • A last factor that allows Stratigo ® to adapt to your needs is the fact that it is available in 3 different heights:

  • 216 cm
  • 230 cm
  • 270 cm
  • Customize your Stratigo ®

    This machine is not just versatile and adaptable to every space and need. The wide range of accessories allows users to customize Stratigo ® in the way they prefer: all these components are attachable and detachable easily.

    Divided into overloads, various attachments, crossmember bases, components for Lat Machine, and many others, with these, you can make full use of the structure and evolve its potential.

    Indeed, by varying the grips, you can always perform new exercises; by choosing one bar over another, you can perform different workouts; by increasing the weight pack load, you can take your results to higher levels. There are many possibilities that Stratigo ® offers: it's up to the user to make the most of them.

    Now accessorize your Stratigo ®!

    You just have to choose which accessories can complete your isotonic machine best. If you haven't decided yet, it's time to take a tour of the page and choose from all those available.