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Powerlifting Plates

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2 Item(s)

Powerlifting Discs

Gym discs have always been among the most common accessories in training environments: whether at home or in a public place, if you are training, discs are essential.
Thanks to their simplicity and effectiveness, they are necessary tools if the goal is to increase strength, especially in specialized disciplines such as Powerlifting, Weightlifting, and Bodybuilding.

Paired with equipment such as barbells and dumbbells, to be used along with racks and benches, the discs help increase the intensity of the training and thus its effectiveness.

What are Powerlifting Discs?

As a very popular discipline, Powerlifting has built a world around itself. From competitions to specific equipment, those who want to practice Powerlifting have very specific rules to follow. This gives rise to the need for specific Powerlifting Discs.

As required by the sport, these discs are created with the aim of maximum precision: both in dimensions and weight, they are produced with extremely minimal tolerance. The material they are made of and the manufacturing process allow this attention to detail.

Another defining feature of these discs is the central hole, which is slightly narrower than standard discs, thus providing a better grip on the barbell’s shaft.

What types of Powerlifting Discs are there?

This subcategory includes 2 types of discs, which differ mainly in material. Regardless of the model, the weights range from a minimum of 0.25 kg to a maximum of 25 kg.

CNC Machined Steel Powerlifting Calibrated Discs

Thanks to the advanced technology of CNC machining for steel, this type of disc boasts high precision and reliability. They are preferred by most Powerlifters, also because of their minimal tolerance of 10 grams.

Cast Iron Calibrated Powerlifting Discs

Made of cast iron, these discs are designed to stand the test of time without sacrificing quality. Through calibrated machining, these discs also achieve high precision, with a tolerance of 10 grams.