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Stratigo ®

What is Stratigo ® ?

If you're looking for a new training strategy, you're in the right place. Xenios USA introduces its offer in the world of isokinetic machines.

If, on the other hand, you still don't know enough, you might wonder: why approach this type of equipment? Training with cables and pulleys, from which the name derives, allows you to perform exercises in a completely different way compared to all other machines.
There are no guided movements, nor trajectories to follow: it allows total freedom in space. Isokinetic machines are indeed designed to provide constant resistance during exercise and the use of cables allows a wide range of movement. In this way, it works on the biomechanics of movements and, the more this aspect improves, the more it will work on the target muscle and preserve the joints.
The purpose of a pulley station like this is to work on increasing strength and muscle definition by lifting weights, in this case weight stacks. Stratigo® structures are also designed to continue to carry out functional free weight workouts with barbells and plates.
All types of Stratigo® by Xenios USA are made in the Magnum+ version and comply with the UNI EN 20957 class S standard, that is for professional equipment. The research and development department aimed at very specific characteristics: expandability and versatility, to allow each athlete to design their own training environment exactly as they prefer; durability over time, for which only high-quality materials are used; safety, because training is important but doing it safely is even more so; warranty, because in every Xenios USA product there is heart, but also professionalism.

Belonging to the family of isokinetic machines, the cable-pulley was born around the 1940s thanks to a fitness expert, Jack LaLanne, who designed various gym equipment in the United States. At that time, with the growing interest in physical fitness and the consequent opening of numerous gyms, there was a need for equipment capable of training anyone easily, quickly, and safely.
Over time, Xenios USA has carried out analysis and updates on its machines: Stratigo® has a completely different way of loading the weight compared to other similar structures, as previously the weight was loaded by adding plates.

What can you train with Stratigo®?

Training with cables and pulleys allows you to perform exercises on wide and varied areas of the body. The muscle groups involved vary based on the type of isokinetic machines you decide to use. Certainly, the upper body is among the easiest to engage: it's common to train biceps, triceps, chest, back, and shoulders. But there will also be the possibility to train abs, quadriceps, glutes, and many other muscle groups.
Among the most common exercises are, for example, the Push Down and the Rope Pull Down, the Low Cable Side Raise, the Cable Crossovers, and others, for the upper body; the Pulling Back, the Push and Curl, the Hip Abduction, the Leg Extension, and others for the lower body.

The difference in a workout done with cables and one done with other equipment lies, not only in the high mobility it allows but also in the achievable effects: the exercises performed with this machinery allow for isolating and thus working more intensely on a certain muscle or muscle group. It actually excludes secondary muscles and focuses only on those directly involved, doing a definition work on them.

How many types of Stratigo® are there?

A first differentiation is based on the existing categories: in this case, the models will be divided by their degree of "independence".

  • The first model is the Kit for X-Rig: to be able to assemble it, it is necessary to have a Magnum+ structure, like a rig or rack, where the Kit will be attached to.
  • Then there is a second version, the Wall Station: in this case, to make it stable and complete the assembly, it will be necessary to have a wall available to fix it to.
  • Finally, there is the Freestanding Station: this category does not need other structures to attach to, nor walls to fix to. It's an independent structure, which therefore just needs to be anchored to the floor. If this is not possible, it will be stabilized by the addition of one or more crossmember bases.

A second differentiation is by type, as changing the structure of the Pulley Station also changes the way in which it is possible to train with it. Therefore, we find:

  • Multi Pulley: this station has a feature that differentiates it from other types, as the cable is directly connected both to the weight stack and to the end where the carabiner is located. In this case, there is a 1:1 ratio, meaning the selected weight corresponds exactly to what will be lifted. With this type of machinery, it will be possible to perform exercises like Lat Machine and Low Pulley, at different times.
  • Combo Pulley: this second station has a cable and pulley system that is indirect. This means that the weight lifted is halved compared to the selected one; it's a 1:2 ratio. The workout that can be carried out is more immediate, as it is possible to perform the Lat Machine and Low Pulley exercises, without having to move any component of the structure and, consequently, without having to interrupt the workout.
  • Adjustable Pulley: the last type is what we might call adjustable, thanks to a sliding carriage that brings the handle to the preferred height: this allows for a wide range of exercises that involve both the upper and lower parts of the body. Even in this case, the weight that will be lifted is halved because the cable is indirect.

What makes it different from all the others?

The design and research and development department of Xenios USA know well what the goal is. The products indeed reflect the quality and care that is placed during their creation.
A primary factor to be taken into consideration is the safety of the customers: all types and structures of our Pulley Stations with weight stacks are equipped with a protective cover. It is a panel placed right in front of the weight stack: it prevents contact with the plates and thus avoids third-party injuries.
A second element that characterizes it is the attachment system at the end of the cable. A swivel joint was designed, an attachment system that allows 360° mobility. Being the point of conjunction with the carabiner, it will allow the athlete to perform all movements in the most natural way possible, without constraints of trajectory or mobility.
Another feature that distinguishes it from all other machines is that it is available in multiple heights. This factor not only allows choosing the structure that best suits the available space but is also an indicator of versatility: increasing the height will also increase the number of plates in the weight stack. Therefore, choosing a structure with a height of 270 cm will make it possible to include a 120kg weight stack.
But, speaking of versatility, height is not the only important factor: all stations have been designed with the X-Rig system. Indeed, the poles that create the structure are perforated along their entire length, which allows modulating the station and adding accessories according to one's needs. The X-Rig system will allow to further benefit from the investment as any new product from the same line created by Xenios USA will be complementary to the structure already owned: it will therefore always be more convenient and economical to improve the gym.

Xenios USA always pays attention to details: the product quality must be total and therefore provide comfort even in the smallest mechanisms. You will notice the comfort comfort of having a magnetic pin for selecting the weight, which makes the movement quicker; this is also equipped with a lanyard that keeps it attached to the weight stack even when not in use, so as to prevent its loss.
But the quality will also be perceptible during the workout itself: all handles have been designed with a neoprene coating that makes it more pleasant to the touch and increases the grip of the hold.

How to Customize Your Stratigo®?

The world of cable-pulleys is truly varied. Once its tools and all possible workouts are discovered, it won't be easy to leave it behind. Not only is it possible to modulate a structure and complement it with other types of machinery, but a single station can offer numerous variants, precisely thanks to the wide range of accessories.
Different attachments are available, like the Arm Bar or the Trazy Bar, or specific accessories to turn the station into a Lat Machine, such as the seat and the knee roll kit.
Among the many existing optional features, one in particular stands out for its frequent use: the Overloading Sleeve. It is a steel bar, designed to load additional weights in the form of plates, or to oppose resistance to movement with elastic bands. Usually, it is used in Combo and Adjustable Pulley types, to increase the weight which is halved due to the cable's deviation.
Furthermore, to not neglect the aesthetic aspect, you can choose from many different colors for the poles that will make up the structure.

How to Make the Most of a Pulley Station?

Before taking the big step towards Stratigo®, there are factors to consider. Among the most important, the dimensions of the space available. The variables involved in installing a structure of this kind are numerous: height, width, presence of structural elements, etc. For this reason, it is important to be guided by an expert in this choice. You will evaluate the equipment you already own, such as the gym racks, great for installing Stratigo®. Machines and gym equipment are essential elements to make a gym multifunctional and thus allow its more intensive use. However, it is important to remember that training with cables and training with free weights are two very different modalities of work.

Muscle Training

What is Muscle Training?

Belonging to the world of isotonics, muscle training is a type of workout with the goal of increasing specific muscle groups.

The machines used aim for muscle hypertrophy but do so differently compared to cable equipment: muscle training works with lever mechanisms where resistance is dictated by the use of plates, which act as weights.

What does Muscle Training target?

This type of training is very comprehensive: using machines of this kind will easily allow for exercises targeted at specific muscle groups and involve most of the body.

It involves training both Upper and Lower Body; specifically, you can work with the arms, chest, quadriceps, glutes, and many others.

What types of Muscle Training exist?

Xenios USA has designed various machines, all of great quality, to enable people with different needs to work on their goals.

Here are the main products: Lever Arm, Leg Press, Belt Squat, and Leg Trainer.
All muscle training accessories can be installed on Magnum+ Wall or Freestanding stations.

How to integrate Muscle Training into your gym?

Thanks to the X-Rig system with which the Rigs and Racks of Xenios USA were designed, all muscle training accessories are easily integrated into a gym. If you do not already have such structures, you can find pre-configured stations that allow for muscle training workouts; also in this case, thanks to the drilling of the poles, you can design the structure you prefer, installing more than one accessory.

Voltra I

The revolution of cable training.

What is Voltra I?

It is a portable device capable of acting as a Pulley Station. With manageable weight and compact size, this battery-powered device does not need much else to be functional: you can take it with you anywhere and use it in any place you desire, with the only requirement of having a pole to fix it to.
In fact, the software and hardware components are designed to make it autonomous and easy to use anywhere; with Voltra I, it is essential to get supports that will allow you to fix it on different surfaces and in various ways: you can choose between fixed, mobile, adjustable supports, ... according to your needs.

How does Voltra I work?

Thanks to a latest-generation electronic motor and the cutting-edge technology that compose it, all the power of a cable station is found in a single device.
Inside it are coiled almost 3 meters of Kevlar cable, to which an attachment is connected at the end. At this point, it will be simple to do anything you want: through an iOS App or directly from the LCD touchscreen display that Voltra I has, you can set all the features of your workout. Based on the instructions you provide, Voltra I will apply resistance to the cable corresponding to the set load.

How can you train with Voltra I?

Among the advantages of entering the world of Voltra I is the wide variety of workouts it offers.
In fact, simply by changing the settings on the device, you can set up your workout in 3 different modes.

  • Weight training: in this mode, the resistance provided by the device will be constant; but you can choose from functions such as “Eccentric” or “Chains” which will make the resistance variable in different ways. In this mode, you can also take advantage of two different options that will make the performance even more complete: “Assisted” and “Intense”.
  • Elastic: as can be understood from the name, in this case, the workout will mimic the use of an elastic band, respecting all the peculiarities that characterize it. In this mode, it is possible to use the “Inverse” function, where the resistance is felt in the opposite way to what would naturally occur.
  • Parachute: in this case, the resistance simulates that perceived in rowing, meaning the faster the movement, the higher the resistance.

Thanks to these different modes, the functions each offers, and the usable options, every experience with Voltra I will be innovative and intense.

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