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4 Item(s)


Keep your training zone tidy! Every box or gym needs the highest level of discipline. Equipping your training area with dumbbells and kettlebells is not enough... Every training zone must provide organization and safety! The Xenios USA dumbbell and kettlebell storages are designed for this reason. The training equipment must always be stored in their spaces to avoid accidents and injuries during workouts. If you also own a training space, Xenios USA helps you design a space entirely dedicated to your dumbbells and kettlebells.

Xenios USA's attention in the design and construction of the equipment is also essential and functional for the realization of training equipment supports. In this section of the Shop, you can find custom storage for dumbbells and kettlebells. These supports are able to meet every need for space, organization and security.

Why this care for storage?
The reason is simple. The quality of a workout comes directly from the functionality and safety of the training environment. The Xenios USA Compact Storage Racks and Massive Storage Racks offer every athlete the opportunity to store their equipment at the end of the workout in simplicity. Each equipment has its own space, and each rack can be moved to the most suitable area within the training zone. The materials' strength and aesthetic quality are combined with the racks' wheels' practicality with the solidity of the wall hooks. Organize your training zone at your best.

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