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Xenios USA®, Equipment for the Fittest

This is our goal! Xenios USA® is a company focus on development, production and marketing of professional workout tools for Functional Training, Cross Training, Fitness, Weightlifting and Powerlifting.

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The road to the fittest is made of heavy duty workouts and so the equipment needs to be able to bear such kind of severe training sessions.

Xenios USA® was born on 2009, gathering all the ideas, training methods, trends, and new ways of the worldwide workout markets: learning from the legacy of gym training and surfing the new wave of the Functional Training, and Performance Training methods. Xenios USA® hired a team of experienced master trainers, biomechanical engineers, product managers, and marketing managers in order to build and then keep updated a full range of products that could really match the new workout trends.

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Xenios USA® products were originally developed, and so they keep being developed, by a joint venture team of American and Italian product designers.

The Xenios USA® main mission is headed to provide as more as possible reliable tools to those who need to really stress them without having to fight with faults and breakages of the equipment.

All Xenios USA® products are drawn, tested and then manufactured by Xenios USA®.

The process to let an idea come true, is strictly ruled by highest standards of product quality. Each mass production batch is made under a close quality control and all products that can’t match the Xenios USA® requirements are rejected.

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All raw materials and production processes, like steel welding and bending or steel coating are made according to the Xenios USA® data sheets and most of the times they need to match over-the-standard parameters.
Most of the Xenios USA® products are furthermore tested and certified by experts of products safety, like, for example the TUV-SUD® that was chosen to test all the XRIG™ products.

At Xenios USA® we believe in the future of Fitness: we believe most of people will sooner or later approach the Functional Training classes, falling in love with the incredible performance goals that can be achieved. That is the reason we keep investing all of our time and efforts by the research and development of new training tools able to satisfy from time to time new Coaches’ needs.

We are proud to have been chosen by many Affiliate Owners as their equipment source and we are furthermore proud to equip some of the most famous Throwdown Contest.

Both help us to learn either from the daily use of our products and from their behavior while stressed by professional athletes. Our challenge keep going on day by day; stay tuned with us and the world of fitness!

Xenios USA® è was founded to meet the new demands of the world of strength and conditioning.

The passion for training equipment è the engine that propelled Xenios USA® to look to the future and bet everything on a new way to experience Fitness.