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AssaultBike PRO

AssaultBike PRO

Xenios USA, the authorized re-seller of the brand Assault Fitness, presents the improved version of the classic AssaultBike, the AssaultBike PRO.

Characteristics of the AssaultBike PRO

The AssaultBike PRO maintains the unique particularities of the classic version, but with an improved console and an upgrade in the materials that are used to build it. Like its classic version, it’s still a bike that increases the level of resistance in direct proportion with the increase of speed. As a result, the athlete is in complete control of the effort used on this equipment.

No more excuses – it’s just you, your bike, and your goals.

If you’re looking for a bike that allows you to overcome even the toughest workouts worry-free, then the AssaultBike PRO is for you.

Maximum durability

The robust, steel frame of the AssaultBike Pro provides the right amount of support for any type of workout.

With reinforced-steel pedals, the cartridge bearings sealed on each pivot and the bottom bracket sealed, therefore, hermetically protected from sweat, dust, dirt, and debris, the AssaultBike PRO isn’t worried about it’s market competitors due to its solidity and durability.

- 20 sealed bearings

- Hydraulically pressed ISIS connections

- Corrosion-resistant, industrial dust coating

- 4 adjustable feet stabilizers for extra support

Connect and measure your progress

The biggest innovation of the AssaultBike PRO lies in the improved version of the high-contrast LCD screen, that in addition to guaranteeing unparalleled visibility and particularly clear vision, offers the possibility to connect Bluetooth/ANT+.

You can connect your AssaultBike PRO to your telephone or favorite smart device in order to track your progress. This enables you to have the data that you need readily available, and the possibility to use the parameters already present on the console screen (7 different variables that you can monitor: Time, Distance, Cardiac Frequency, Watt, RPM, Speed, and Calories and multiple interval programs for your high intensity workouts).

What you can’t measure isn’t quantifiable; therefore, it can’t be improved. Take your workout to the next level, control what you can and elevate your performances.

- Connectivity Bluetooth e ANT+

- It connects to the Assault Fitness app (available since 2021)

- Includes the “competition” setting

- Tracks Time, Distance, Cardiac Frequency, Watt, Laps/Min, Speed and Calories

Pedal and work out, but comfortably

The AssaultBike is known by Box regulars and in gyms all over the world as the piece of equipment that tires you the most. It’s a low impact, high-intensity cardio workout that’s completely modifiable for users of all levels of fitness and easily placed in your home gym.

The AssaultBike PRO accentuates attention to user comfort even more so than the classic version. With its cushioned seat that is adjustable not only in its height but also in the distance from the handlebars, the footrests are positioned in a way to make the recovery between one interval and the next particularly easy. The AssaultBike PRO was designed to make your workouts extremely comfortable and your pedaling as smooth as possible.

- Compact design and low maintenance

- Transport wheels to move the bike easily

- Designed for domestic or gym use

- Doesn’t run on electricity


Work out with the AssaultBike PRO

The AssaultBike PRO is a multi-function tool: it allows you to do long-lasting, low intensity cardio workouts, interval workouts, and high intensity ones. There’s no better equipment than the AssaultBike to work on explosive sprints, training lower body conditioning, along with core stabilizing and the help of the upper body to perform the movement efficiently, both in pulling and in pushing.

This piece of equipment is well known in the Cross Training world, but it’s become indispensable in athletic preparation of many disciplines, such as: martial arts, MMA, cycling and skiing.

Choose the AssaultBike PRO to make your workouts well-rounded and efficient.

- 11 seat height settings and 6 front to back adjustments

- 36 mm diameter handlebar grips for added support

- 64 cm diameter steel fan

- User maximum weight: 136 kg

Dimensions when mounted:

Weight: 53,8 kg
Length: 126,6 cm
Width: 61,3 cm
Height: 129,9 cm

Package dimensions:

Weight: 59,1 kg
Length: 135 cm
Width: 27 cm
Height: 89 cm


Frame – 7 years
Non wearable parts – 3 years

AssaultBike PRO


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