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17 Item(s)


The kettlebells are fundamental tools for fitness, functional and crosstraining athletes. These training tools allow performing several exercises that make you work on every muscle. Among the wide range of weights on the Xenios USA Online Shop, you can choose the perfect to express your potential and increase your workloads. Kettlebells are born to perform extremely effective full body workouts because they are designed to meet the needs of any athletes. Different materials and designs will make you train as never before.

One the Xenios USA Online Shop, there are different types of kettlebells, such as the Evolution e-Coated Black Cast Iron Kettlebell which is sold in a wide range of weights: from 6kg on. These kettlebells are designed to optimize your training. In fact, its black finish retains the chalk in order to offer optimal grip.

The fitness kettlebell are designed for women’s and children’s training session as the weight range starts from 2 up to 24kg. These kettlebell are made of neoprene-coated cast iron to ensure additional protection both for the tool (from impacts and rubbing) and for athletes.

Are you looking for a kettlebell that improves the quality of your performance? The Rubberized Iron kettlebells are the right choice. The virgin rubber coating makes this equipment perfect for any training. Durability and resistance are the main features of this amazing training tool. The handle guarantees great grip and the original feeling of the kettlebell as it is the only part is made of cast iron.

Xenios USA has designed a kettlebell that meets the requirements of the Girevoy Federation; therefore it can be used for official competitions. The construction of the Steel Russian Girevoy kettlebells follows an advanced procedure to make the steel shell. In fact, these kettlebells are not filled with sand or steel pellets to prevent cracks and internal crackling.

All the Xenios USA kettlebells follows the highest standards as far quality and safety. These training tools are made to face the most challenging WODs. Discover all the Kettlebell available on the Online Shop and choose the set that meets your training needs.