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All Floors Accessories


The flooring of your garage or gym needs special care. All the accessories for the floor maintenance in your training zone are collected in this section of the Online Shop. Xenios USA has selected for you the accessories you need to clean and preserve your flooring over time. The high-quality Xenios USA floors can be preserved thanks to the most basic maintenance operations.

Dust, moisture, magnesite... every box or gym needs to be cleaned perfectly. Among the accessories dedicated to the flooring, you will find the cleaning machines that Xenios USA has selected among the best on the market. Every product on the Shop Online, in fact, must meet the highest standards just like any other Xenios USA equipment. The cleaning machines are available in different models, according to the needs and the size of the training facility. You can choose the one that best suits your needs by optimizing the resources and maintenance times.

Discover all the accessories available in this category. Set up your training area and take care of every detail, even the flooring of your gym.