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Stratigo - Freestanding Station

Freestanding Station

Stratigo ®, the isotonic machine presented by Xenios USA, will captivate the hearts of people and the coaches who train them. The research and development department has been able to combine professionalism and comfort in a single piece of equipment, making it versatile in its entirety. In fact, its offer of cable training branches out into numerous types of stations, to satisfy a wide range of needs.
It has already been clarified how cable training allows great freedom from many points of view: the user can perform any movement without worrying about following a specific trajectory, has a wide space of mobility, and easy load adjustment. All this with the goal of training strength through a resistance system given by the weight of the plates that make up the weight stack.

One of its advantages is that to be composed and suitable according to the individual buyer's needs. There are different options to consider and choose from in order to configure Stratigo ® in the most effective way possible. One of the first factors to consider concerns the assembly mode; there are 3 types:

  • Kit for X-Rig
  • Wall Station
  • Freestanding Station

What is the Freestanding Station?

This structure has a very important characteristic: it is completely independent. There are no other structures to attach to and no need for a wall to fix it to. It is indeed a freestanding station, which just needs to be anchored to the floor to make it stable. If it is not possible to drill the floor, it will be sufficient to add one or more crossmember bases to stabilize the structure.

How to choose your Freestanding Station?

Within this category of Stratigo ®, you can choose from 3 types:

  • Multi Pulley
  • Combo Pulley
  • Adjustable Pulley

Also, the height remains one of the variables to consider; you will find it from:

  • Compact (maximum height 227 cm)
  • Regular (maximum height from 237 to 242 cm)