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We create the project with you

Xenios 3D Genius

Thanks to the innovative Xenios 3D Genius tool
our team can draw your
Gym or Box floorplan.

We just need a floor plan of your venue, as well as your equipment list and we will be able to draft a 3D realistic floorplan for you that enables you to evaluate if the space you have will meet your needs. Thanks to the 360* views of the 3D floorplan you can also verify the client flow into your Gym and decide early on if your project works.
Are you clear with your goals but not with the list of the equipment you need to achieve them? Are you looking for help in regards to optimizing your budget? Are you wondering if the RIG has to be a stand-alone one or a wall-mounted one? Are you wondering how many bars for men and women you will need?
No need to worry! Our sales Team will guide you through every step of your project from those with a detailed plan to those just starting from scratch. Thanks to Xenios 3D Genius, we help you avoid any mistakes in your project design: we aim to let you open the doors of a Gym or a Box that will produce true results.

We aim to be your business partner rather than simply a product supplier.

Our Sales Team has advanced experience in Gym and Box constructing, therefore, we are able to help you pick the right workout tools up from the Xenios USA range and avoid wasting any part of your budget. We’ll help you decide which is the most compatible flooring for your gym or box in relation to the features of the building where your gym or box will be set. We can help you decide where to place the community area as well as the restrooms and the reception.

We can customize our products for you

With more than 8000 clients around the world, we’ve learned that even the widest selection of workout tools on the market is never enough. Supported by our internal Product department, we provide our customers a tailor-made product service. Whether you’re looking for a custom color on your RIG, or you are looking for a custom sized RACK that can fit your walls, we can do it! By having a scheduled gym or box opening plan, we can provide our customer with plenty of on-demand services and products.

Do you need the logo of your Gym or Box printed on to the rubber flooring?

Do you need a custom mold to have the wall ball targets printed on to the walls?
Do you need a custom template printed onto your WOD dashboard?
Do you need a set of customized uniforms for your coaches and athletes?
Do you need an on-site installation service?
Would you like a rust-proof outdoor RIG?
The answer is always one: Yes, we can!


We feature exclusive price lists for professional operators

A professional operator is expected to make high-volume purchases and that’s why we want to offer you a dedicated price list that is notably reduced from the public Xenios USA retail price. If you are a professional operator, you can ask for a dedicated quotation issued by using special discounted prices. A professional operator can be a gym or box owner as well a professional coach.

We can offer second hand refurbished products

Xenios USA is one of the most recognized event and contest equipment supplier. In Europe, we have partnered with more than 20 events, among which are the: Crossfit Italian Show Down, the Swiss Alpine Battle, the Berlin Throw down, the Compex Box Challenge, the European Championship. Every time we provide all of the needed equipment to a contest, the materials return to the warehouse to be refurbished and after careful controls are then offered to our customers at a reduced price.

We support our clients in managing the budget they need to give life to their projects by helping them save money that can then be geared towards additional services that can make the difference for their future clients.


We can provide you a purchase financing plan

Monthly payments from 12 to 60 months

A business plan usually features a prolonged period of time of making large investments before seeing actual results and this is the main reason why your budget should be spread across months or years.

Thanks to our financial partners based in most of the countries we work with, whether you are an individual or a company we can offer you various payment solutions including monthly payments from 12 to 60 months. Learn more about our Leasing and financial plans.

We test and certify our products

Xenios USA designs, develops and controls every single manufacturing process of its products. The search for the highest quality begins the moment any new product is developed. We prototype our ideas, we test them in our affiliated Gyms and Boxes as well as having them tested by the Athletes of the Xenios USA Team. Before starting a mass production, we effectuate a pilot-run batch that is further tested in Gyms and Boxes. Most of our products are also tested by certified labs that can ensure us about the quality of the raw materials and the manufacturing processes.

Safety First: our Rig, Rack and steel-bolted products, for example, are all tested by the labs of the TUV-SUD according to the UNI ISO EN-20957 safety regulation. All Xenios USA products aim to feature complete quality, and a certified product is even safer as it allows our customers to withdraw themselves from any responsibility given by the use of our workout tools.


We can deliver your order just in time

Count on us

We are able to say to our customers that we can provide to them a complete kit in a timely manner.

We stock all items featured in our catalogue and this allows us to fully equip a gym or box promptly. We know that customers have to dedicate massive amounts of time in order to find the right venue, apply for all the authorizations, and negotiate financing with banks.

Once a client is ready to move forward, they simply want to see their dream come true. That’s why we invest in having a full stock of our products with our European Headquarters having a 5.000 sqm warehouse where we stock all of our products along with our third-party products, such as Assault Fitness or Concept2.

We guarantee our products up to a lifetime

We develop our products and that’s what makes us proud of the high quality they offer

We develop our products and that’s what makes us proud of the high quality they offer. Our products feature a warranty that can vary from 1 year up to a lifetime.
Products that are heavily used need to feature a special warranty and that’s why our Bumper Plates feature a warranty that lasts up to 2 years, Bars with a warranty that goes up to a lifetime against bents or breakages, and our Rig and Rack as well as all of our bolted-steel items feature a warranty against rust that can reach up to 7 years.
The same Rig and Racks are guaranteed against breakages for life and our Rubber Flooring features a warranty that can reach up to 5 years.


The longest warranty means very little without an after-sales service that works.

The longest warranty means very little without an after-sales service that works!
Most of our clients are professional operators and we know that they always need an immediate answer. Whenever a workout tool is found damaged or broken, the members of our customers’ gym or box can’t enjoy the service they paid for.

At Xenios USA there is a dedicated and professional after-sales service able to answer all customers’ enquiries within 24 hours. We stock the most commonly requested spare parts and we can even offer on-site assistance.
To learn more about our Product Warranty, take a look at our Warranty chart here.



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