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Rigs and Racks

Rigs and Racks

Xenios USA rigs and racks

Customize the heart of your training zone, with no limits!

Xenios USA provides custom Rig configurations to meet any space and training need for your facility. Based on the size and number of users of your training zone, you can better manage your space.

The facilities’ customizations are potentially unlimited to adapt to any Box or gym due to the wide range of add-ons and accessories. Your custom Rig will become the beating heart of your gym!

Xenios USA builds versatile facilities that meet the highest stability and safety standards, thanks to an accurate design and a rigorous production process.

Choose your type of facility: The Essentials, Magnum Plus?

Besides the number of training stations, you can choose among three upright sizes to build your Rig. The Essentials upright comes with a 6x6 cm square cross-section and 3,5 mm steel width, while the Magnum Series and Magnum Plus upright come with 8x8 cm square cross-section and 4 mm steel width. The Magnum Plus upright is featured with holes on its four sides to provide unlimited building customization!

Do not limit yourself! Let’s design your training zone.

The available space for your rig must be well-defined, in order to get the best from the rig you are designing; this is the only way to take full advantage of the structure potential. It is not always clear how much the lack for space affects the potential of the equipment you have purchased. For the rigs, in particular, it is noticeable at the moment of its assembly. One of the pros of Xenios USA rigs lies in the modularity of the structures and the experience of our Staff, which can support you through the choice of the perfect rig.

Two key features for your rigs are stability and strength. The perfect execution of cross training, bodyweight, calisthenics or functional training exercises that involve the use of this equipment depend on the stability. In fact, any athlete that doesn't feel safe and steady in the middle of his maximum effort, know the risks for his performance and body. That’s why all our structures have anchoring points that ensure optimal stability on the ground and against any wall. Furthermore, Xenios USA rigs are made to bear the weight loads that cross training athletes will apply to the structure. Our equipment is designed and built to last over time, to guarantee maximum performance and ensure the versatility required by athletes.

Xenios USA rigs provide every kind of implementation to ensure the perfect execution of cross training exercises: from power racks and squat racks to half racks. Xenios USA cross training equipment guarantees quality, care for details, support from technicians and customisation. We strongly believe that to set up an excellent Box, even for a home gym, the customisation is essential both in terms of structure and design. The rigs you will find on our Online Shop can be fully customised. You can choose the color that best fits your needs and improve your design.

We are sure that you will find all the cross training equipment you have been looking for: in the rigs and racks category of our Online Shop you will find accessories, stand-alone racks, squat stands, pull-up frames, calisthenics, functional and bodyweight equipment. Furthermore, you will always have our experienced Staff at your disposal in order to support you in choosing the best equipment and structures for your Box or for your home gym.

Discover Xenios USA and find all the equipment to set up your Box. Push the limits of cross training athletes and unleash their full potential. Discover all our rigs and racks.