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Weight Plates

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Weight Plates

Gym Plates: weights and sizes for all needs

Behind the simple structure of these pieces of equipment lies one of the most fundamental allies of most athletes.
For this reason, Xenios USA plates embody the quality and research necessary to create cutting-edge products, capable of meeting the needs of their users.

The history of gym plates dates back to ancient Greece and the era of the Egyptians, periods during which similar tools were used for strength training; they were particularly used in the preparation of warriors.

What are gym plates?

The world of fitness is truly vast: every tool and piece of equipment has a specific purpose and is used in a targeted way. The same is true for plates: they may appear as accessories but in reality, they play a fundamental role. The circular shape and the central hole are functional to the role they must fulfill, namely to be inserted on bars like barbells, dumbbells, and other equipment with the purpose of lifting weights: in fact, by their nature, they are rarely used on their own. Therefore, the plates are blocks of cast iron, steel, or rubber, that serve as additional weights.
Each plate has a specific weight and, since they are not overly thick, it is possible to add more than one to the barbell.

How many types of plates are there?

For Xenios USA, it is important to offer cutting-edge and quality products, which is why it is always looking for upgrades and improvements. This also applies to the many types of plates of the range.
Despite the shape always remaining the same, the types differ in materials, sizes, aesthetics, and functionality.
Each type of plate was created following a specific study to meet particular needs.

Bumper Plates

Let's start with a very particular type of Xenios USA plates. The main feature is the material they are made of: Bumper Plates are made entirely made of rubber and, for this reason, are able to withstand shocks and bounce without damage.
All the plates in this category are equipped with a stainless steel ring, placed inside the central hole, which makes the weight even more resistant.
With a hole diameter of 50.4 mm and a plate diameter of 450 mm, the same for all models, the Bumpers comply with IWF standards. The product's aesthetic was not left to chance: through vivid and easily distinguishable colors, each weight has been painted differently to be recognized at a glance.

This Xenios USA category includes Bumper Competition Plates, ideal for participating in competitions, Bumper Contest Plates, Bumper Brushed Plates, recognizable by their particular style, Bumper Training Plates from the The Essentials line, and finally Heavy Duty Rubber Plates.

Technique Plates

Following studies and analysis, Xenios USA has designed these plates whose main feature is to have a reduced weight compared to the classic ones.
While keeping the dimensions unchanged, thanks to the material they are made of, these plates are ideal for starting to train with weights and for refining technique: this is due to the contained weight that allows for greater control over the tool. This type of equipment is often used also for situations such as recovery following an injury or the first approach to a new discipline.
Despite the peculiarity of the weight, the Technique Plates are still suitable for use with barbells of standard dimensions and that comply with IWF standards.

Within this group, there are two different plates from Xenios USA: the Technique ECHO and the Competition Technique Plate.

Fractional Plates

Xenios USA has thought of all those aiming to increase their strength, gradually increasing the load on the barbell.
In fact, Fractional Plates are available only in small sizes: they are used to increase the load by a few kilograms at a time.
Even in this case, attention was paid to complying with IWF standards, to make them suitable even in case of competitions.

There are two models offered by Xenios USA: the Rubber Fractional Plates and the Friction Grip Fractional Plates.
The feature of the former is that they are entirely made of rubber: this allows to not damage the barbell's sleeves. In the case of the Friction Grip Fractional Plates, as the name suggests, the key feature is to create more friction with the barbell; this is due to the specific design of the plate's hole.

Powerlifting Plates

It's easy to guess what these plates have been designed for: the R&D aimed to offer what a Powerlifting athlete looks for.
What makes the plate extremely precise, both in terms of weight and dimensions, is precisely the material they are made of: the steel is processed through a technique called CNC.
Another peculiarity is the diameter of the central hole, which in these plates is smaller than in more classic models: this to have a better grip on the barbell's axis during use.

Xenios USA Powerlifting plates are available in standard weights from 5 to 25 kg and in micro-weights from 0.25 to 2.5 kg.

Gym Plates

Xenios USA also dedicates itself to innovating products for the fitness and gym training world. This category includes the X-Grips Plates, the evolution of classic gym plates.
Their steel core provides durability and improves performance during training, making these plates reliable and quality equipment. The coating, however, varies depending on the model you decide to use: you can choose between Olympic X-Grips Plates in Polyurethane or the Olympic X-Grips Plates in Black Rubber.

What to consider when buying plates?

To approach this equipment, first of all, it is necessary to make some considerations:

  1. The sport discipline
  2. The weight increase
  3. The aesthetics and space of the studio or gym.

From this, you can orient yourself towards one type of plates and weights rather than another, but it doesn't end here.
Another element to consider is the diameter of the central hole: if you already own barbells or dumbbells, then it will be necessary to be sure to take plates with dimensions compatible with the bar they will be added to.
Regarding the quantity of plates and the weights, instead, it will be necessary to base this on your starting level, always aiming to increase your capabilities. In these cases, fractional plates are very useful; certainly, as training progresses, the number of plates in your gym will increase: in these cases, it might be convenient to consider buying a weight rack to always keep your equipment tidy.

At this point, you might be wondering: how much do gym plates cost?
The answer to this question is not so simple: indeed, there are different types of plates, and each has a different manufacturing process and material. For example, we might find Bumper plates starting at 5€ per kg up to about 15€. Instead, Powerlifting plates hover around 10€ per kg. But if you're considering buying gym plates, the cost will range from a minimum of 4€ to a maximum of 8€ per kg.

How to Use Weights?

We have said that weights are among the few gym equipment that are really rare to use alone but it is necessary to have at least one barbell or dumbbell available. Once you find the right barbell with weights, you can set up numerous workouts. It is certainly fundamental to also know which will be the right plates to add, as the decision will not only depend on the weight you want to lift but there are other features to consider. Indeed, there are numerous types, different in sizes and materials: among the most common are definitely the Bumper plates, highly recommended for an intermediate level of training. But talking about tools that can train strength, plates applied to other equipment are not the only possibilities; there are different types of gym weights, such as the numerous gym dumbbell sets: the more you have, the more varied your workouts will be.
Training with plates and Olympic barbells is functional and preparatory. To surpass your limits, it is necessary to stock up on other equipment that can enhance your training or allow you to do it in a completely new way. Among the equipment that can complete your workout, you will find for example the gym bench like the flat bench. From the combination of barbell and flat bench numerous exercises can arise, especially useful for training the upper body. At the same time, it might be useful to stock up on an adjustable bench or a multifunction bench. With these tools it will be possible to perform a wide variety of exercises. However, it is also recommended to equip yourself with a gym Rack which could be a great ally to increase your workouts and allow you to perform them safely.
Whether you want to train with a bench and barbell, whether you are using dumbbells, whether you want to lift weights in squats, plates remain a fundamental element of this process, so it is important to carefully evaluate which and how many to purchase.

Now it's your turn to choose!

The time has come to assess your current physical preparation and set the goal you want to achieve: between you and the finish line there is only training and many more plates to be included in your exercises.

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