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6 Item(s)


Dumbbells are essential training tools. If properly designed, they can increase the quality of performance. In every Box or gym in the world, the dumbbell workout is a must. The perfect set of dumbbells will make you perform countless exercises that build different upper-body muscles. In addition, they are also used for specific rehab exercises just by choosing the right weight load.

The The Essential - Black Rubber Hex Dumbbell are the standard fitness dumbbells that provide durability and performance. Their rubber-coated weight boast higher wear resistance and the chromed handle gives stability to the grip. Try these dumbbells to perform your workout of the day and you won't leave them.

Xenios USA presents the Black PU X-GRIPS Round Fixed Dumbbell, which are designed to provide athletes the perfect for comfort and safety. The X-Grips dumbbells are made of a polyurethane-coated steel core that increases resistance and durability. They are rock solid and highly resistant to scratches and wear.

For those who want to train with no limits, Xenios USA has designed the Strongman Rubber Hex Dumbbell. They're forged from a single steel mould to avoid the risk of breakage like any other iron dumbbells. The handle has been accurately designed. Its knurling offers a perfect grip to perform at maximum potential. Use the Strongman Rubber Hex Dumbbell with special foam protection to deaden the drop.

Discover all the Xenios USA Dumbbells on the Online Shop and choose the one that meets your training needs. Complete your Box and your equipment training set.