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19 Item(s)


Xenios USA Cardio Equipment for Gym

Cardio is a very important part of training, which helps you lose weight and increase your cardiovascular and respiratory capacity.

The history of cardio fitness has ancient roots: just think about the importance of being able to run to hunt, find food, and escape from predators already in Prehistory.
And even in Greek and Roman culture, health and physical activity played a central role.
Obviously, today's cardio training is no longer what it used to be.

Running has certainly remained, but over time many pieces of equipment have been added that allow us to have different stimuli and to find the training most suitable for one's physical build and personal goals. For example, it was in 1900 when the first exercise bike hit the market and became a huge hit.

Even today more and more people use cardio to lose weight, to stay active, or to train their breath. It's easy to see that such training allows for improvement and work on fundamental parameters for most activities we perform daily, throughout the day.

What are cardio machines for?

Cardio equipment increases your respiratory and cardiovascular capacity by involving large muscle groups continuously. Thanks to this constant effort, the heart rate increases for a prolonged time and the metabolism improves. In detail, following a cardiovascular training program stimulates the capacity of the heart and lungs to provide oxygen to the body. Depending on the type of gym equipment used, different muscles will be stimulated.

Therefore, it is important to know them well so that you can decide which may be more useful in your case. This is also because, being not too bulky machines, it is common to purchase them to perform cardio exercises at home.

How many models of Xenios USA cardio equipment are there?

Cardio training is perfect for burning many calories in a short time and increasing cardiovascular capacity, as well as toning the whole body.
But to train at your best in your home gym or fitness room, you need the right cardio equipment for the gym.
Each piece of equipment focuses on different muscle groups, which is why there are different types available.


Perfect for working on the lower part of the body, bicycles represent a very important piece of equipment in training. The work done with them focuses on the gluteus maximus, the hamstrings, and the calf muscles. Thanks to the technology with which they are made, it is possible to constantly monitor your physical parameters and you can choose whether to focus on distance, intensity, or calories so you can decide the purpose of your workout in complete autonomy.

Among the choices that Xenios USA offers, you will find the Concept2 BikeErg and two different types of Assault Bike, one Air Bike and one Classic, both suitable for high-intensity training that strengthens also the upper part of the body.

Rowing Machines

The gym rower, also known as rower, is not only a useful tool for canoeists when training at home, but is suitable for everyone. It is useful if your goal is to lose weight but also strengthen biceps, hamstrings, back muscles, legs, and abdominals.
In fact, rowers involve both the leg muscles and the arm muscles. And that's not all, because they also activate the back and abdomen. You will train the whole body in a complete way.

You will find the RowErg Concept2 which will allow you to perform your workouts with the highest quality but also allowing you to save as much space as possible when not in use, as it is collapsible (so you could store it taking up less space) or, thanks to its special wall mount, it can be fixed to the wall.


It focuses on the upper part of the body and strengthens the back, arms, shoulders, and forearms. This is because it is designed to reproduce the movements of cross-country skiing: a perfect sport for developing upper body muscle groups.
With this equipment, you will work exactly on these parts of the body and increase your endurance.

In this category, you will find the SkiErg Concept2 capable of simulating the movements of the discipline and thus allowing you to work on the appropriate muscles.


This type of cardio equipment allows you to improve cardiovascular circulation and train your legs safely. Recreating the activity of running, you can perform long walks or even runs, staying indoors.

The treadmill, namely the manual treadmill, will allow you to strain your muscles more without overly stressing the joints with the help of cushioning. In this category, you will find the Assault AirRunner.

Cardio Accessories

You can also find numerous accessories that will complete your workouts and allow you to perform them at their best.

You will find rubber mats that will allow you to preserve the floor under the weight of the machines, or wind shields to avoid annoying air movements when using the Assault Bike, but also possible wall mounts to store the machines at the end of use.

What do Xenios USA cardio tools offer you?

Like all gym equipment from Xenios USA, also in the field of cardio we seek the highest quality. We want high-level equipment that allows you to strain the muscles in total safety and reach the maximum potential.
For this reason, Xenios machines are produced with quality raw materials.

Moreover, all cardio machines have a low environmental impact because you don't need electric power: you are the engine of the workout!
This allows you to support the environment and not unnecessarily consume energy.

Why do cardio training?

The benefits of cardio fitness are diverse and span many areas.

Starting with everyday life: you will have more breath when you are running, you will feel better with your body and the efforts of everyday life will become easier every day.
If your goal is to lose weight, with this type of training you will burn excess calories and lose weight. Additionally, you will contribute to body recomposition by lowering fat mass and increasing lean mass.
It's an excellent workout for reducing lactic acid build-up and you will improve your ability to dispose of it.

Another very important aspect is the reduction of chronic diseases. By following a cardiovascular training program, you will lower the chances of having diabetes, hypertension, or obesity, among many other diseases. It will help you keep cholesterol levels and blood pressure under control.

Finally, it's good for your mood.
The benefits of cardio fitness do not only involve the physical aspect but also the mental one because during the workout you generate endorphins, the hormones of happiness. Thus, after the session, you will feel better and experience less stress.

How to do cardio?

As we have seen, cardio activity includes all exercises that involve various muscle groups and strain them continuously.
Among the equipment that helps in this regard are not only treadmills, rowers, or Air Bikes but also many others.

A perfect tool for cardio activity is certainly the jump rope. It allows you to increase your heart rate quickly, improve your respiratory capabilities and burn many calories.
Jumping rope also represents an alternative for a more dynamic warm-up because it activates many muscles including the biceps, gluteus maximus, and deltoids.

Then there is also the Spin Bike which simulates a road bike and in which you maintain a more functional position compared to the Air Bike, as you have the body lowered towards the knees. In this way, you increase the effort and diversify the stimuli.

Cardio training is definitely important, but you should not focus solely on it. Indeed, it would be a good idea to also work on different exercises that focus on increasing physical strength.
You can do this with various exercises such as the bench presses: perfect for training many muscles like the pectoralis major, deltoid, tricep, and others.
In this case, you only need two pieces of equipment: the flat bench and the barbell.
If you want to alternate the stimuli, you can use dumbbells.

Barbells, flat benches, and dumbbells are perfect tools if you train at home because you can perform a wide variety of exercises while minimizing the space occupied.
An alternative is the kettlebell: an ideal tool for strengthening muscle tone and also improving cardiovascular resistance.

There is also the gym rack, the symbolic tool of weight lifting.
Thanks to the rack, you can perform many different exercises: from squats to bench press to even pull-ups. Plus, you can attach cables, resistance bands, rings, and even parallel bars to add even more variety to your workout.

Also not to be underestimated is what's on the floor, and for this, synthetic grass might become your best ally.
Perfect for functional workouts like push-ups and squats, but also suitable for practicing yoga, pilates, or for doing a bit of stretching. Synthetic grass is durable and easy to clean, as well as giving you a feeling of comfort during workouts.

Choose your cardio tool!

Now you have the information you need to navigate our site and find the perfect cardio tool for you. Happy searching!