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22 Item(s)

Xenios USA cardio equipment

In order to better perform your workouts and focus on improving your cardio performance, Xenios USA has selected specific equipment to give you the maximum training quality. Find out how to achieve perfection during your cardio sessions. Let’s discover together the features of the right equipment to achieve your goals.

Xenios USA Cardio Bikes

With the Assault AirBike and the Concept2 BikeErg you will get into a new frontier of cardio training in order to push your limits. You can test your body with a new workout by burning lots of calories. Using the Assault AirBike, you will work simultaneously with both the upper and the lower body by training all the muscle groups. This training tool is also able to temper your determination in achieving the goals. You must resist to prove yourself that you can overcome every challenge to become stronger!

Xenios USA Rowers

Those who practice cross training or functional training have already challenged, at least once, a rower. Xenios USA has selected this training tool for its Online Shop because it proves to be a powerful tool for improving cardio performance and endurance. You can buy many models to perform cardio exercises. You can choose the perfect one depending on the space available in your Box or your home gym. Do not forget that rowers must be used correctly in order to unleash their full potential. In fact, many non-professional athletes approach this tool without performing the right movements to get the best out of their training; with the help of your trainer, you will be able to achieve the perfect balance to work with both upper and lower body, thus obtaining truly amazing results. Are you ready for your challenge with the rower?

Xenios USA Treadmill

Your running training has never been so hard and so satisfying as with the Assault AirRunner! If what you want is to try the new frontier of cardio WODs, this manual treadmill will increase your calorie consumption by 30% in order to achieve your fitness goals even faster. The mechanics of this tool does not require electricity since there is no motor and also no adjustments are required. Once you get on your Assault AirRunner you have to run, resist and push your limits! You will not have speed limitation, as the quality of your training will depend on your determination.

The benefits of a cardio training

With the support of Xenios USA equipment, you will face the most demanding cardio workouts in order to get all the benefits of this training, which is so popular among cross training and functional training athletes. Your cardiorespiratory system will increase its functional capacity thanks to an improved lung capacity, optimal blood pressure and perfect blood values. Have a look at all the cardio equipment of the Online Shop to finally express all your highest potential.

Improve your physical ability by training with Xenios USA cardio equipment and discover all the advantages of cardio workouts! Choose Xenios USA as your training partner to rely on the competence and professionalism of our Staff and the quality of our equipment. Visit the cardio category.

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