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Xenios USA Kettlebells: Versatility and Quality for Every Workout

Welcome to the world of Xenios USA Kettlebells, where innovation meets efficiency to offer a range of cutting-edge equipment. The history of this tool begins in Ancient Greece, where it was used by athletes to prepare for the Olympics. Years later, kettlebells regained popularity thanks to Russian Tsar Alexander III, making them essential equipment for training. Since then, tradition has merged with innovation to provide customers with higher quality and versatility, meeting even the most demanding athletes' needs. Today, kettlebells are indispensable for functional training and fitness programs.

But what does the kettlebell train?

The versatility of these tools lies in the fact that kettlebells can be used to train different parts of the body. Exercises with kettlebells are effective for developing strength, muscle endurance, power, and balance. They are not just simple weights but tools designed for a variety of exercises.

Useful workouts involving these equipments include: Kettlebell Swing, Kettlebell Snatch, Kettlebell Front Squat, Kettlebell Military Press, Kettlebell Push Up, Kettlebell Russian Sit Up and many others.

Variety of Models: How Many Kettlebells Can You Find?

The Xenios USA kettlebell selection ranges from the classic cast iron models, ideal for traditionalists, to steel versions, perfect for those who love competition models, to rubber or neoprene coated lines, great in terms of resistance and durability. Each model is designed to ensure a comfortable and secure grip, essential for both high-intensity and endurance workouts. Let's now look specifically at our Xenios USA models.

Cast Iron Kettlebell

In the fitness world, cast iron kettlebells are certainly among the most common, available in a wide variety of weights. They are made from a single piece of cast iron to avoid welding the handle to the body of the kettlebell. The goal? To eliminate any point of breakage. Durable over time, this kettlebell model is also equipped with an excellent grip that allows a firm hold on the handle.

Strongman Kettlebell

Looking for kettlebells that really challenge your physical capabilities? The Strongman is designed for this: with the same characteristics as the classic cast iron kettlebells, the peculiarity of this model is that it comes in heavier weights. Its design and iron-carbon alloy composition guarantee extreme resistance, safety, and notable hardness.

Olympic Girevoy Kettlebell

This model of Xenios USA kettlebell has the unique feature of not changing size with different weights. To correctly identify the various weights, different paint colors are used on the kettlebells. Olympic Girevoy Kettlebells are made with a meticulously detailed construction technique to ensure that competitive athletes find the absolute perfection they seek in Xenios USA's product. For the filling of this kettlebell model, common materials like sand, lead pellets, or others are not used, but rather cast iron is poured: this is to avoid the internal movement of small components that would undermine the balance and stability of the product. To achieve the desired quality, the handle is made of neutral steel with a transparent anti-rust coating.

Rubberized Kettlebell

This model of kettlebell has all the features of the cast iron version. In addition, it is coated with pure virgin rubber; this protects the product from impacts, scratches, and rust, making it even more durable. This higher quality rubber has the advantage of not emitting unpleasant odors, unlike lower quality ones. The handle is the only part of the kettlebell not covered with rubber, to maintain the original feel and grip of the tool.

Fitness 2.0 Kettlebell

The last model offered by Xenios USA is the Fitness 2.0. Also made of cast iron and coated with neoprene, this material gives the product anti-slip properties and a firm grip. This coating, unlike vinyl ones, is more resistant to impacts and abrasions. We have also chosen to use different colors to distinguish the various weights of the product.

Kettlebells | Xenios USA

Which Kettlebell to Choose and Where to Start?

If you are approaching the world of kettlebells for the first time, our advice is to start with a moderate weight, usually between 8 and 12 kg for women and 12 to 16 kg for men (beginner level). This will allow you to acquire the right techniques and gradually increase physical strength. In general, after the beginner level, athletes at an intermediate level will be able to lift between 12 and 16 kg for women, and 16 to 20 kg for men. At an advanced level, women can aim for weights of 16 kg or more, and men from 20 kg upwards.

In any case, Xenios USA kettlebells are perfectly adaptable to all skill levels as they offer a wide range of weights, allowing all users to find the right tool for their training level and specific goals. The versatility of these products makes them suitable for functional training circuits, cross-training, and even muscle rehabilitation. Another great advantage of our variety of products is that they are adaptable for both home and gym workouts.

If the use is intended for a gym environment, steel kettlebells might be more useful as they are durable and wear-resistant, perfect for frequent use by many users. For this use, it is important to have a wide variety of weights available to ensure gradual progression. If, however, the use is domestic, you might prefer cast iron kettlebells, which are more compact and easier to store. Look for kettlebells with a good rubber coating to protect floors and reduce noise during workouts. Regarding the weights of your kettlebells, always choose sizes corresponding to your abilities.

How to Use Kettlebells?

Integrating kettlebells into workouts can be varied: you can aim to improve your level by integrating these products with other gym equipment. This could be the key to achieving remarkable results.

With exclusive use of Xenios USA kettlebells, you can certainly do a good job on scapulas and deltoids if included in shoulder exercises. In other types of workouts, you can also work on legs, glutes, and other body parts. But if you decide to combine the use of kettlebells with other gym equipment, the results will be astonishing.

If you want to focus on chest strength, you can combine the kettlebell with the flat bench; in the case of the inclined bench, more equipment such as dumbbells and barbells are preferred. If, however, you are looking for results such as burning calories or improving strength during cardiovascular training, you can pair the use of kettlebells with machines like exercise bikes or Air Bikes, treadmills and others, or alternate exercises with the jump rope.

No matter what your level and role, at Xenios USA you will find many possibilities to train, improve your abilities, and create a complete world of fitness at your disposal. If you are an athlete and your goal is to improve your performances in your home gym, here you can also find thermal water bottles always necessary to stay cool and hydrated, but also multipower to always be at the top. If, on the other hand, you are the owner of a gym, at Xenios USA you can choose and stock up on gym racks, multi-functional benches but also synthetic turf and everything else that can help you make your gym a suitable and welcoming place for fitness enthusiasts.

Choose your kettlebell

Now you are ready to choose which type of kettlebell suits you best. Continue to visit our website and search for specific models of our kettlebells for additional information and more detailed descriptions.

Equipment for the Fittest | Xenios USA