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Stratigo - Multistations

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17 Item(s)


Stratigo®, the isotonic machine presented by Xenios USA, will win over the hearts of people and coaches who train them. The research and development department has been able to combine professionalism and comfort in a single piece of equipment, making it versatile in its entirety.

Training with Stratigo®

The cable workout allows for great freedom in many respects: the user can perform any movement without worrying about following a specific trajectory, has a wide range of mobility, and easy load adjustment. The goal is to train strength through a resistance system provided by the weight pack.

Among the versatility features that Stratigo® has, it should be considered that there are different stations for 3 different training modes:

  • Multi Pulley: perfect for performing Lat Machine and Low Pulley, lifting the maximum possible weight;
  • Combo Pulley: allows performing Lat Machine and Low Pulley without having to move any component of the structure;
  • Adjustable Pulley: allows exercises for Upper and Lower Body but also to train athletic movements comfortably.

Adapting Stratigo® to your needs

Xenios USA has designed Stratigo® to be adaptable to your requests. For this reason, it has thought of 3 types of stations that differ based on the mounting mode inside a gym. You can choose between:

  • Wall Station
  • Freestanding Station
  • Kit for X-Rig

Furthermore, to allow anyone to add Stratigo® within their training space, it is possible to choose between 3 different heights:

  • Compact (maximum height 227 cm)
  • Regular (maximum height from 237 to 242 cm)
  • Tower (maximum height from 277 to 282 cm)

But that's not all: all Stratigo® structures have been made in the Magnum+ version and according to the X-Rig logic. This means that, thanks to the drilling present along the entire length of the poles and the compatibility between the different structures, it is possible to modulate and compose them as preferred. This is also possible if you already have rigs or racks to which different types of Stratigo® components will then be added.

For this reason, Xenios USA has created Freestanding Multistations, to offer ready-made and effective combinations of different training modes. For example, a station that will allow you to perform cross-cable exercises, being able to choose between different size configurations; or you will find a tower structure, where two Adjustable Pulley Stations are placed that athletes will use simultaneously and separately because they are positioned on two different sides. There are really many Multistations to choose from, each combining machines and equipment of different types to meet space needs in the gym, but also usage needs and preferences.

Choose the Multistation that's right for you!

Hurry up and browse through the entire section of Multistations Stratigo® Stations: we're sure you'll find the one you were imagining or discover one you can't do without anymore.