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Functional Suspension training

3 Item(s)

3 Item(s)

Suspension training

Suspension training is a form of functional training that uses gravity to stimulate coordination, improve strength and balance while maximizing results.

Xenios USA offers the best equipment for suspension training that will allow you to perform a full-body workout using only one piece of equipment. These products offer the possibility of using a universal tool for your functional training, thanks to the variety of exercises that can be performed.

Bodyweight Gym is one of the Xenios USA training tools that have been designed to offer you a ready-to-use product in any training zone. It only requires one or more anchoring points to train effectively. Bodyweight Gym boasts different settings to perform numerous exercises, more or less challenging. This set is perfect for completing your fitness zone with an efficient training tool for suspension training.

Another kit that Xenios USA offers you for suspension training is the Gym Ring Training Kit, equipped with wooden rings and anchor straps. This set needs anchor points to allow you to train while focusing on your performance and nothing else. Gym Ring Training Kit ensures high resistance and durability due to carefully selected materials for its realization.

Xenios USA offers only the best of equipment and accessories for its athletes - according to the highest standards of quality, design and safety - to give functional and efficient products and make you to express your full potential. Discover all the Xenios USA kits for your suspension training to make your functional training even more complete.