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Technique Kit for Gymnastic Rings

Technique Kit for Gymnastic Rings

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Technique Kit for Gymnastic Rings Technique Kit for Gymnastic Rings Technique Kit for Gymnastic Rings
Technique Kit for Gymnastic Rings

Xenios USA Technique Kit for Gymnastic Rings

Xenios USA has redesigned - and made even more functional - one of the learning tools for the gymnastics ring techniques, used by coaches worldwide to teach athletes how to perform perfectly the pull-rings or the muscle-up.

The Xenios USA kit can be used with any gymnastics rings (not included in the kit). The kit is part of the group of tools for learning and improving the training technique, defined as "Technique Equipment".

The Kit is composed of components required to build a pulley system, anchored on one side to the gymnastics rings and, on the other, to the belt worn by the user.

The kit is equipped with a pair of "anywhere anchor straps", which anchor at an elevated position (to a chin-up bar, for instance) two steel pulleys with bearing pulley. Two marine-grade nylon ropes - which boast high tensile strength - can slide on the pulley. At the end of these ropes there are two thimbles (closed steel rings). The steel carabiners play the role of connectors between the thimbles, the user's belt (at one end), and the straps attached to the gymnastics rings (at the other end).

The belt is made of Nylon Cordura 1000D and padded with a layer of neoprene. The belt is adjustable with a clamping strap and a heavy-duty steel buckle. The buckle's load resistance is extremely high, as the user's entire weight is placed on the belt when suspended from the ground.

On the back of the belt, two nylon rings are sewn with two layers of Cordura 1000D. They have been attached to the steel rings, which are totally welded not to provide dangerous weak points during the exercises.

There are 4 steel e-coated finished carabiners in the kit. Each carabiner withstands a maximum load of 1500 kg. The belt is equipped with a nylon patch with the Xenios USA logo.

The kit performs a weight reduction of the user who is performing exercises on the rings. Besides the purpose of learning the correct technique for the exercise execution with rings, the additional benefit is to be able to keep your body perpendicular to the floor and, therefore, to focus on the pushing technique on the rings and the use of the so-called false grip.

How to use the Technique Kit for Gymnastic Rings?

  1. Place the two anywhere anchor straps by setting the ground's right height (proportionate to your height). The latter will be the anchor point for the two pulleys supplied with the kit, through which slide two nautical ropes, with steel thimbles.
  1. Fix the ropes to the anchor points on the belt, at one extremity and, anchor to nylon straps that will fix the rings, at the other. Use the steel carabiners of the kit for the fixings.
  2. Fix a pair of exercise rings, such as Xenios USA Gymnastic Wood Rings, to nylon straps with sliding steel buckle. The same as the Heavy-Duty ring strap by Xenios USA.
  3. Start training and simulate the exercises you want to improve. This kit will help you to reduce the workloads during the suspension training. It will keep your body in line, make you focus on the transitions from traction to thrust when making the "Ring Muscle-Up".
  1. Wear the belt and adjust it according to your pelvis's diameter by using the steel buckle and the Velcro strap. 

IMPORTANT: The Xenios USA Technique kit for Gymnastic Ring must be used by carefully placing a crash mat of at least 30 cm thick on the floor below. The Kit MUST NOT be used to perform "top-side-down" exercises, for example, the push handstands in vertical on the arms (Ring Hand Stand Push-Up).

Technique kit for Gymnastic Ring features

The Technique kit for Gymnastic Ring is equipped with all the accessories to learn how to train properly with the rings, each built with high resistance materials, to train safely and effectively.

The kit is composed of:

- 1 Carry bag to bring your kit anywhere

- 1 Adjustable Belt w/multi-slug back straps to fit with any athlete

- 2 Nylon Rope

- 2 Steel pulleys

- 2 Anywhere anchor Strap to fix the pulleys to any anchoring point, indoor or outdoor.

 - 2 51” Strap w/cam-buckle (130 cm.) to set the height from the ground.

6 heavy-duty steel carabiners to connect each segment of the kit

NOTICE: The kit does not include exercise rings. Can be used with Gymnastic Wood Rings

A better technique for your suspension training

Suspension training can become one of the most challenging workouts of your training. Challenging also means effective in shaping your body by improving coordination, strength and endurance. However, you can really take advantage of all the benefits of suspension training only if you have the perfect technique! The Technique kit for Gymnastic Ring is perfect for beginners who want to learn how to train with rings and pros who never stop perfecting their technique.

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Technique Kit for Gymnastic Rings

Technique Kit for Gymnastic Rings


VAT Incl.: €111.00

Special Price VAT Incl.: €59.78
VAT Excl.:* €49.00
* The VAT amount may vary according to the destination Country.

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