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Kettlebell racks 2

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1 Item(s)

Kettlebell racks

Kettlebells are a widely used tool during crosstraining workouts due to the variety of exercises they allow to perform and build muscle and condition. Xenios USA provides the essential supports for maintaining a neat, tidy and functional Box. The kettlebell racks allow you to properly store your equipment to keep the training zone safe and avoid unnecessary space waste.

The Xenios USA kettlebell racks allow you to have your kettlebells in perfect weight order, also easing athletes to choose the tools they will use to perform their exercises. Eliminate time-wasting and make the most of rest during interval training. Massive Storage Rack is a kettlebell rack that will optimize your Box spaces, allowing you to never have your equipment out of place. to move your support to the most suitable position simply. The 2 meters length of the Massive Storage Rack will allow you to simultaneously store a large number of kettlebells at the same time. Customize your kettlebell support and add some optional to support other equipment such as elastic bands, mini-bumpers and much more.

Xenios USA aims to complete your Box perfectly by fulfilling your every request. Choose the best equipment racks on the market to store all your equipment in a safe and functional way, thus creating the training zone that best expresses its qualities through attention to every detail.

Discover all the Xenios USA cross training equipment and purchase your racks to organize all your workout tools perfectly.