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18 Item(s)

18 Item(s)


Xenios USA cross training storage racks

Organization, aesthetics and functionality. Customize your storage!

Set up your functional and efficient zone for the equipment storage. Xenios USA provide your storage custom set-up to fit with any training environment, from Box to gym. Manage your training zone spaces at your best. Every equipment and accessory will find its place in the storage of your environments. Increase the degree of safety and improve your gym's aesthetics and functionality by defining one place to store the equipment while providing your customers with additional training stations.They will guarantee more distance between the users.

Organization and functionality at first glance.

Gain more training stations.

Set up the storage based on your needs and increase the number of training stations for your customers. The storage can include some pull-up bar stations for the execution of strength exercises, such as pull-up and muscle-up.

Way better than a simple rack!

The organisation of cross training equipment and accessories, in the Box or in your home gym, defines the quality of cross training athletes’ training sessions. During your training, it is essential that all the equipment needed to perform are at the right place at the right moment in order to allow the athletes respect the deadlines set by the their workout program.

On Xenios USA Online Shop you'll find all the cross-training equipment storage racks you need to keep your Box impeccable and increase the quality of your workouts. Let's start to find out what tools you could get to best set up your training facility: gym bars holders, dumbell racks, kettlebell racks, mats storage racks, plates and wallball racks.

The choice of the racks to store cross training equipment will help you - besides improving the quality and efficiency provided to the athletes who attend your Box - to define the image of excellence of your cross training facility or your home gym. All the equipment storages in our Online Shop meet the highest standards, both in terms of materials and design. The equipment for workout sessions will be in order safely and easy to access. Making easier the WODs of all the athletes.

Practicing cross training as well as in bodyweight and functional training, discipline and care for the equipment is a symptom of a healthy and positive philosophy. Thanks to quality storage racks, athletes will feel the benefit of a well-groomed training environment, where they can find the true values of sport. Imagine the feeling of satisfaction of the athletes in the Box just by having easily access to their gym bar, dumbells, wallballs and kettlebells. Thanks to our gym racks, all training sessions will allow athletes to enhance the potential of their performance. Their training environment will be entirely focus on the exercises of your workout.

Choose Xenios USA for your Box or for your home gym to ensure a training facility that expresses quality and excellence through its slightest detail. Discover all our cross training equipment racks.