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Dumbbell racks 2

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2 Item(s)

Dumbbell racks

Xenios USA offers all the crosstraining equipment and accessories you may need inside a Box to perform complete and functional workouts. All gym equipment on our Online Shop aims to keep your Box tidy to carefully store your training tools.

Dumbbell racks are essential for any Box to store the dumbbells accurately while preventing them from being damaged. The care in storing the tools will make it easier for athletes to select the right dumbbell and the execution of their workout.

Xenios USA offers you only top-quality equipment to guarantee you durable and efficient products, such as the Massive Storage Rack for Dumbbells. This support is perfect for any Box due to the wheels that make it easily movable and storable. It includes three shelves for storing the dumbbells and the elastic bands and mini bumpers. This product, designed by Xenios USA, is extremely safe and reliable due to its stability and resistance guaranteed by the materials' excellence. The powder-coated steel makes it durable and protects it from wear.

Xenios USA takes care of your Box. This is why it provides you with only the best equipment racks that you can get to keep your training zone in perfect condition. Choose Xenios USA dumbbell racks and you will purchase a safe and reliable product, which is capable of improving athletes' workouts by making them more efficient.