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3 Item(s)

Plyo boxes

Plyometrics is what defines specific exercises as jump training aimed at developing maximum strength, power, explosiveness, reactivity, and speed. Xenios USA supports this type of training with the design of its Plyo boxes, training tools that guarantee great safety and reliability, allowing you to develop your physical preparation.

Among the Xenios USA selection, you can find the Contest Plyometric Box 2.0 in birch wood. Its perfectly balanced design can be used using all three heights of 51cm, 61cm and 76cm to meet the needs of all athletes. This tool is also equipped with side handles for easy transport and storage after each use.

Another tool on the Xenios USA Online Shop is the stackable Soft Plyometric Box, available in 15cm, 31cm, 51cm or 61cm sizes. Unlike the classic wooden Plyometric box, the Soft Plyometric Box is made of soft foam that prevents impact injuries during jumps; despite the use of this material, the memory effect is eliminated as it would create too much instability during the performances. Everything is designed to maintain a high standard of safety and reliability.

Xenios USA also offers the Training Soft Plyometric Box, perfect for achieving performance above all limits. This plyometric box guarantees comfort and efficiency beyond all standards. The high-density recycled polyurethane foam and the PVC coating are meant to guarantee a very high resistance even to the heaviest loads. These materials also guarantee great stability that will allow you to focus only on your training without fear of instability or overturning. Training Soft Plyometric Box can be used on all three of its sizes of 51cm, 61cm and 76cm.

Discover all the Xenios USA Plyometric boxes by visiting the Online Shop. Choose the best functional equipment for your gym to take your functional training to a new level.