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All for Conditioning

All for Conditioning


The conditioning includes all the exercises and activities that aim to the improvement of physical abilities and the achievement of the top performance ever. What tools do you use for your conditioning sessions?

In this section, you will find all the conditioning equipment you need! Xenios USA has designed, created and selected the perfect equipment to face exhausting training sessions. From training vests to training sleds, to ply boxes and training ropes. Train with the quality, reliability and safety of the most appreciated training equipment by all athletes worldwide.

Discover the set of climbing ropes available on the Online Shop to set up your training zone with everything you need for conditioning. Are you looking for training sleds to focus on strength? In this section, you will find the sled designed and made by Xenios USA. There’s no garage gym, without the plyo boxes. Buy in this section the pliometric box you need.

Agility, strength, endurance... Plan your training program to find the perfect mix and achieve your best condition. In this conditioning section, you will find all the accessories for your agility training and for building strength such as the parallettes and gym rings. If you have never tried the suspension training with the rings, it is the time for a new challenge!

If you are looking for the perfect training equipment to build your muscles without sacrificing flexibility, clubbells are the perfect training tool. Buy them in this section of the Online Shop! Discover all the equipment you need for your conditioning on the Online Shop.