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Steel Sport Bottle

Xenios USA Steel Sport Bottle

For those who need to train at their best, the Steel Sport Bottle expresses an evolutionary step, compared to the classic water bottles. The Xenios USA research and development department has achieved the perfect combination of sports design, eco-sustainability and well-being for those who choose this Sport Bottle.

The Steel Sport Bottle is made of a layer of AISI 304 stainless steel. Steel provides considerable advantages, which go beyond the better thermal properties than the classic plastic water bottles. The Sport Bottle's single steel layer provides a perfect mix of lightness and strength. Furthermore, it allows excellent protection and storage of the liquid from ultraviolet rays. It is known that ultraviolet rays affect the conservation of liquids, since they cause germs and bacteria proliferation.

Each design detail is meant to offer the highest quality in terms of materials, functionality, and safety.

Remember that choosing the Steel Sport Bottle fosters you to a life of eco-friendly choices! The steel water bottle allows you not to waste plastic bottles and reduce the environmental impact, even while doing sports.

Using the Xenios USA Steel Sport Bottle is not only a guarantee of an eco-sustainable choice but it also benefits your health, as the steel of the bottle is compliant with some of the most important European and Italian regulations as for contact with food or liquids for human use:
• D.M. 21 March 1973 and updates;
• D.M. 220 of 26 April 1993;
• D.M. 258 of 21 December 2010 and updates;
• D.M. 72 of 9 May 2019;
• CE Regulation 1935/2004.

The "BPA-free" plastic cap - without the so-called "hazardous material" - is another guarantee of health safety for men and women in sports. In addition, the cap complies with EU Regulation 10/2011 for plastic articles meant for contact with food.

The Xenios USA Steel Sport Bottle come with 2 different caps:

  • screw cap
  • sport cap The screw cap - the so-called American cap, which allows a higher water flow due to its large diameter - offers a quick opening/closing system make you open the bottle with a simple rotation movement (it takes only 2 rotations to open and close the Sport Bottle). This feature is meant for those who cannot waste too much time in the hydration phase, between one round and another.
    The sports cap is designed to not make you use your hands! The specific spout can be opened and closed with your mouth. Nothing is simpler and faster than the design of this performance-oriented cap. Both caps are equipped with a small eyelet to hook the Sport Bottle anywhere you want, with the carabiner included in the Steel Sport Bottle).

    Another design detail is the rubber ring with the Xenios USA logo that covers the bottleneck. This makes you enhance the grip on the bottle, even in motion.

    You have discovered all the secrets of the Sport Bottle design so you can choose the perfect color and customization for you!
  • Xenios USA Steel Sport Bottle features

    Material: AISI 304 steel body, compliant to European and national regulation for contact with liquids and foods. Plastic BPA-free cap.

    Capacity: 750mL. The Steel Sport Bottle capacity guarantees the perfect mix of lightness and quantity of liquid.

    Total height: 22,5 cm
    Height bottom-bottle neck: 17,2 cm
    Height screw cap: 3 cm

    Highly scratch-resistant electrophoresis coating

    Choose the customization and Colors of the Xenios USA Steel Sport Bottle

    Official, WOD Punisher or Urban Camo? Choose your style and do not miss a second during your performances, thanks to the Steel Sport Bottle. Each model boasts customization, which is revisited in the many colors available. Functionality and aesthetics always meet in the Xenios USA design! The Steel Sport Bottle is an eco-friendly performance and style accessory!

    Visit the Xenios USA Online Shop to get the best equipment for your fitness training.

    Steel Sport Bottle


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