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Outlet Xenios USA


Are you looking for opportunities to purchase the perfect equipment for your workouts? In the Outlet section of Xenios USA's Online Shop, you can find the equipment you need for your box training sessions, gym workouts, or home workouts at super discounted prices. The quality of Xenios USA's equipment and the best prices on the training tools you need are all gathered in one section of the Online Shop.

You have plenty of choices to satisfy your desire to train to the maximum while saving money! If you're looking for affordable prices to enhance or complete your workout equipment set, you've found the ideal Shop section. Within this section, you can find Xenios USA's sales on accessories and gym equipment, and more. You can also take advantage of deals on second-hand items. Choose the reliability and durability of Xenios USA's design.

End-of-Series Items

End-of-Series items are new products but destined to be discontinued from Xenios USA's catalog. That's why they are sold at heavily discounted prices. In this group of items, you'll find the best deals on all types of equipment. Kettlebells, elastic bands, accessories, bumper plates... You'll find a wide range of fitness-related items at amazing prices.

Used Equipment

Xenios USA is a partner and official supplier for the most important fitness events. Therefore, there are often batches of equipment used at fitness events offered on the Online Shop at greatly reduced prices. All these products are used during events, so they can be described as "like new." All used products are always checked by Xenios USA technicians and put up for sale only after verifying their proper functioning and meeting all safety requirements. Among the used products, you can also find all the items displayed at Xenios USA's fairs or showrooms, so they are practically new, only assembled and displayed for demonstration purposes. All used products from Xenios USA are guaranteed according to the warranty rules used for new products. Xenios USA's used equipment is therefore safe to use.

That's why the section dedicated to used equipment offers unbeatable opportunities, capable of meeting the training needs of any athlete. Take a look at the discount percentage off the original price to find the opportunity that suits you!