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Functional Tiles

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Xenios USA offers everything you need for your functional training and perfectly sets up your gym to perform your workouts in total safety and achieve your goals.

Functional training involves the execution of exercises with specific equipment and drops with barbells, kettlebells and training balls. To best perform this type of exercise it is necessary to have a landing surface suitable for your training tools, in order to avoid damage both to the floor and to the tool itself during impact. For added safety, it is necessary to avoid unwanted bounces that can cause unpleasant injuries.

Xenios USA has created XFloor - Evo Weight Drop Rubber Tile, a black colored tile measuring 1 m x 1 m and 2 cm thick, specifically designed to effectively cushion the weight drops on this surface. In addition to keeping the equipment and the floor in perfect condition, this tile also reduces noises. The XFloor Tile is realized with a durable and resistant material, which guarantees a secure grip. This tile does not move during its use, even in case of violent drops.

Choose the right supports for your weightlifting and powerlifting exercises in order to perform your workouts easily, effectively, and safely. Rely on the Xenios USA floor tiles and select the one that best meet your needs.

Xenios USA brings efficiency and quality to your training zone. You will have everything you need at your disposal to best perform your functional training workouts.