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Functional Rolls

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Xenios USA offers all the equipment for your gym or training zone, both in terms of equipment, accessories and set-up. In particular, in this section we will focus on the XFloor - Low Density Rubber Mat Roll, perfect for both indoor and outdoor. This type of flooring is available in different thicknesses and different densities to meet any gym's needs.

Xenios USA's XFloor rubber rolls comply with European and international standards for fire classification, elongation at break, tensile strength and compression test.

Choose the XFloor rubber mat that best suits your needs to have a training zone that best expresses its potential. This will cover your gym's surface with safe and high-quality materials to prevent the wear of equipment caused by rubbing with hard and rough floors. This surface also offers great comfort and stability during functional training sessions by ensuring excellent grip and perfect protection for the joints.

XFloor - Low Density Rubber Mat Roll is not designed to bear falls and drops repeatedly. To avoid damaging the rubber rolls, we recommend the Xenios USA landing pads or tiles for Weight Drop to ensure the product's high durability.

Xenios USA offers you the best products for setting up your training zone to safely perform your functional training workouts, expressing your full potential. Choose Xenios USA flooring rolls to have a training surface that meets the highest safety and stability standards.