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Functional Artificial Turf

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7 Item(s)

Artificial turf

For your functional training aimed at improving acceleration and explosive strength, a suitable surface workout is essential to have a perfect grip and maximize your performance, reducing the risk of injuries.

Xenios USA's XFloor artificial turf floors are designed to improve your functional training session, for example during your sled drag exercises. If performed on a suitable surface, such as the XFloor, the wear damage from rubbing the sled on a normal floor decrease. The XFloor fosters the sliding of the tool without friction in order to allow a fluid dynamic for all the duration of the exercise.

Xenios USA designed two different types of XFloor to meet the needs of every gym and any of athletes: the Ruler Track and the Start / Finish Track. Both of these artificial turfs have an extension of 10m x 2m and are 1.5cm high. The difference is on the surface. As the name implies, the Ruler Track is marked like a ruler, in ten different spaces, each further divided into two parts. This feature marks the distances to be covered during the exercises’ execution. The Start / Finish Track, is divided into ten parts, starting from 1 meter to 10 meters.

Xenios USA artificial furf XFloor surfaces are realized with top quality materials that ensure high durability and excellent grip during performance. They are available in different colors.

Xenios USA chooses only the best equipment for its athletes, guaranteeing maximum reliability and efficiency. Rely on the experience and quality of Xenios USA to choose your equipment and accessories for functional training.