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Fitness Agility

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Agility is fundamental for functional training as it is part of one of the main coordination skills that must be developed for this training - together with conditional skills and joint mobility - to achieve perfect physical preparation.

Xenios USA provides you with all the equipment required to perform your agility workouts at your best. Discover all the equipment on the Online Shop to plan your training according to your needs, so you can set your goals, achieve them and improve yourself.

Among the Xenios USA range of products, you will find different types of cones: space marker cones, plastic cones - 40 cm and plastic cones with holes for obstacles - 30 cm. These accessories are the foundation for your functional training to make you perform exercises to improve agility, such as skip, and coordination runs.

To raise the level of exercises, Xenios USA has designed the height-adjustable and transportable hurdles, which is designed to improve coordination and reaction times and speed.

Those who want to train by performing more complex exercises can choose the Handstand Walk Ramp with Stairs composed of two parts that can be folded and stacked to take up as little space as possible.

This equipment will allow you to vary your handstand exercises, thanks to the steps and ramps, thus varying the work surfaces. This support is made of high-density foam to ensure solidity, stability, and safety during a performance, thanks to cushion shocks in case of falls.

Discover all the best Xenios USA training tools for your agility workouts. Choose the ones that meet your needs in order to take your functional training to the next level.