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Functional Resistance Band

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)

Resistance band

Resistance bands are a universal accessory that can help you in performing your functional training exercises. They can ease the execution of pull-ups by assisting you in your movements – there are already used for muscle strengthening sessions - or even stretching and rehabilitation.
Xenios USA offers different types of elastic bands designed to adapt to your weight loads and your training needs.

The Pull-Up Power Resistance Loop are very versatile and lightweight elastic bands that you can use anywhere. These elastic fitness bands are designed to compensate for part of your weight during exercises that work on your biceps and backs - such as during pull-ups - by lightening your load and helping you in the movements to improve the execution.

The Fitness Loop Bands are designed for your warm-up and cool-down bodyweight exercises, for the prevention of joint and muscle injuries, and for rehabilitation. These special elastic bands are produced in fabric, unlike the classic plastic and silicone elastic bands, to eliminate the rubbing that usually occurs during their use.

The Pull-Up Power Resistance Loop and Fitness Loop Bands are available in different colors that identify the various resistances.

After an intense workout, to correctly perform effective anti-fatigue exercises, Xenios USA suggests the Floss Band, a very useful elastic band that will help you during your mobility exercises, helping you to restore joint tension and to relieve muscle overload.

Discover all the Xenios USA resistance bands to add to your workouts an accessory that will quickly become irreplaceable due to its versatility. Choose the one that best suits your physical abilities to best perform your bodyweight exercises.