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Rolls - Crosstraining

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Rely on the experience and quality of Xenios USA to set up your Box or your training zone. On the Online Shop, you will find everything you need to perform your workouts with comfort, starting from the equipment and accessories. *Xenios USA has designed rubber rolls ideal for both indoor and outdoor floorings.

These rolls fully express their potential if they are glued to the ground to avoid any slipping. The Xenios USA rubber rolls are available with different rubber thickness and density to fit with any athlete and surface.

The surface of the rolls is designed to put the athletes in condition to perform his WOD comfortably and safely. Excellent grip and great support to the joints reduce stress during the execution of the exercises. Every athlete deserves to give his best during his training sessions! It is recommended not to perform drops because bars, kettlebells or dumbbells can wear the floor prematurely. Be sure to use the right accessories to drop, such as a Landing Pad or tiles designed to bear weight drops.

The Xenios USA rolls meet International standards (DIN, DIN EN and DIN EN ISO for fire classification), compression testing, elongation at break, and tensile strength. The quality of the materials and the care for details give unique features that meet any need.

All Xenios USA crosstraining equipment expresses the top quality in this sector. We strive to provide athletes with everything they need for the outfitting of their Box, from crosstraining accessories to floorings and rolls.