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Cleaning machines - Crosstraining

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Cleaning machines

*Xenios USA provides gyms' owners with cleaning machines to keep the Box tidy and clean; therefore athletes can perform their WOD in a healthy and organized environment.

The Wash&Dry machines selected by Xenios USA are the best in the market for cleaning the floors of your training zone. These devices are perfect for reducing the time of your daily cleaning and sanitizing activities. Multifunction machines allow you to wash, sanitize, and dry at the same time.
The Wash&Dry machines are available in different models to make you choose what best meets your needs. Keep your training zone perfectly cleaned.
All Wash&Dry machines selected by Xenios USA are designed to work on a rubberized floor, which is the best surface for safe and comfortable crosstraining workouts. These machines are designed to be functional, efficient, and easy to store. The Wash&Dry machines ease the operators and users' activities.

Another cleaning tool recommended by Xenios USA is the sweeper, which does not require any power source. This sweeping machine removes dust from the floor quickly and easily. Every corner of your gym will be cleaned impeccably. The handle of this sweeper is fully foldable to save space.

Xenios USA has designed every detail of your crosstraining Box provide you with the best quality products. Do not leave anything to chance and keep clean your gym.