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Weighted vests - Crosstraining

7 Item(s)

7 Item(s)

Weighted vests

Xenios USA dedicates the weighted vests category for those who want to increase their workloads by using the training vest, like the toughest crosstraining athletes always do. Xenios USA has designed its weighted vests following the best standards of fitting and comfort. Any athlete can get the best out of his training with maximum freedom. The transitions between one station and another will be a piece of cake!

The weighted vests are used to burn fat and calories faster. Using them, you can build muscles and strengthen your core. These accessories can be combined with other equipment such as parallettes, pull up bars, and rings to increase the difficulty of the workouts.

Inspired to the army bullet-proof vests, Xenios USA designed its new Tactical Vest to achieve the perfect fitting. This allows you to face the most challenging WODs at the highest pace. The Tactical Vest is a one size fit, adapting to any athlete's size and make you push their limits. These vests can be adjusted quickly and easily due to the Velcro® straps. Perfect adherence means more comfort, stability, and speed.
Like all the equipment on the Xenios USA Online Shop, all the details of this weighted vest are designed to meet the highest quality standards and guarantee maximum safety. Vests are made of Nylon Cordura, which boasts an unmatched resistance and great breathability.

Take advantage of the versatility of the weighted vest and improve your performance. Complete your training set with other Xenios USA crosstraining equipment to achieve unimaginable goals.