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Mats and Ab Mats - Crosstraining

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)

Mats and Ab Mats

Xenios USA wants to improve the quality of your workouts on the ground by ensuring maximum comfort. Mats and Ab Mats are perfect for controlling your movements during the core training sessions and strengthening your muscles effectively. The ab mats are suitable for athletes at any level of preparation.

The Xenios USA Abdominal Mat is essential for your workout routine, thanks to its solid and ergonomic design. It easily adapts to the users' body, providing safety and great comfort. The Xenios USA Abdominal Mat XL is designed to meet the athletes' needs for more comfort. The larger surface of the XL model offers unmatched lumbar protection. Its polyurethane coating makes it flexible and resistant. These mats are light and easy to carry anywhere. Train at the Box or in your home gym!

The Eco Exercise Mat is another essential accessory. This is a top-quality mat that will offer you maximum comfort for your training and stretching sessions. This mat follows the highest standards of wear resistance, safety, and stability. Its versatility is amazing!

For the athletes who performed head/handstand push-up, Xenios USA has designed the HSPU Pad, a perfect pad for a bodyweight training session. The anti-slip base of the HSPU Pad guarantees a firm and safe grip to support your challenging workouts.

Fitness mats and Ab Mat are essential accessories for your WOD. Get the highest standard equipment and rely on Xenios USA to train safely and comfortably.