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All Wraps and All Guards

4 Item(s)

4 Item(s)

Wraps and guards

Protecting your body and joints is one of the priorities for those looking for top performance. In this section of the Online Shop, you will find all the accessories you need to protect your wrists, elbows, knees and legs from any trauma that may occur during your workouts.

If you were looking for more protection, you’re in the right place. In this category you will find the best hand protections designed and selected by Xenios USA. Gym grips are made with the best materials to offer the highest level of protection, comfort and functionality. Discover the EVO 3 fingers gymnastic grips. These gym grips enhance athletes' performance, reducing the transition time between one training station and another. Knee guards and elbow guards are another essential protection. You can find elbow guards and knee guards of any thickness to meet your training needs in this category. Find the perfect balance between compression and mobility to support your body in your training sessions. Don’t forget those elbow guards and knee guards are useful accessories for your rehabilitation sessions.

In the section wraps and guards, you can find the wrist wraps, essential training companions for sessions with the bar. Choose the one you prefer to face your next workout while supporting your while keeping freedom of movement. Discover how the Wrist Twist Wraps can be the perfect protections for the most dynamic WOD!

Discover all the gear and equipment available in the category Wraps and guards.