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14 Item(s)

14 Item(s)


Looking for something to store a specific set of training equipment? In this category, you will find all the structures designed to host every piece of equipment in your training zone. In particular, you can find the racks and storage for your dumbbells, kettlebells or even bars.

Why a storage dedicated to one single tool? In every training zone, especially in large facilities, it should be defined an area to the equipment storage. A perfectly organized environment benefits the aesthetics of a training area and the athletes who live it. If part of your gym is dedicated to dynamic exercises with kettlebells, having a storage for kettlebells can ease its management. Athletes will know exactly where to pick up and store their Kettlebell respecting the organisation of the gym without bothering those who are training with them.

A storage dedicated to a particular training tool further optimizes the spaces. Universal storage, in fact, can host different types of products, however without a proper space management. Users, in fact, choose where to store the tools according to the available space not according to the best organization. A dedicated storage provides unequivocal storage space for the equipment. Medicine balls, bars, kettlebells and dumbbells find their place in the area of your gym for the storage of training equipment.

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