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9 Item(s)


Setting the pace of the exercises is essential to perform your functional training sessions better. The alternation of high and low-intensity exercises is the basis of interval training. This type of exercise often refers to those who want to train their cardiovascular system, such as cyclists, runners and rowers. After all, it can be defined interval training any type of training, aerobic or anaerobic, which alternates a high intensity activity that lead to a high heart rate with a recovery period.

In the timers section of its Online Shop, Xenios USA offers you everything you need to set the pace of the WOD in your Box.

One of the items selected by Xenios USA is the WOD Timer available in both indoor and outdoor versions. This device has a timer that can be set and managed from a distance by using the appropriate remote control. It is equipped with an acoustic signal to scan the workout intervals. Also, it can be customized with optional accessories.

Among the optional accessories, you will find the Tripod Kit Option for WOD Timer, which allows you to place your timer anywhere to ensure that everyone your gym athletes can see it. Together with the tripod are available: the additional battery option to extend the operating time of the WOD Timer, Horn for Outdoor to perfectly mark the start and end of exercises, even in the most largest outdoor environments, and the remote control for WOD Timer that allows you to control all the functions available remotely perfectly and in total comfort.

Discover all the Xenios USA timers and optional accessories to always monitor the duration of your exercises and perform at your best during interval training sessions.