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Xenios USA® products, except for what mentioned in written for some special items*, carry a limited two years warranty against breakages and damages, just for the original owner (who need to prove his status by having the original purchase document). Xenios USA® warranty’s rights are not transferable. Xenios USA® warranty time-frame starts from the date of purchase of each product. As stated on to the original purchase document. Xenios USA® products carry a limited 30 days warranty against evident by-factory manufacturing defects, for the original owner. Should any defects be present on items’ delivery, due to problems occurred during shipment, evidenced by a damaged and/or mishandled packaging, warranty will be effective just if the delivery was checked and accepted by the recipient by following the goods-checking rules. The delivery and goods-checking rules sheet is always attached to the shipped parcel/s. A copy of the same can be anyway downloaded from our website: www.xeniosusa.com

Xenios USA® warranty doesn’t provide to the customers any product returning right but in case of evident breakages and/or damages of the same.Any product returning policy will be stated and ruled by each Xenios USA® Dealer and/or Re-seller according to his own Country Laws and Regulations about the consumers’ rights care. Xenios USA LLC or one of its International Licensers, Agents and/or Dealers (local and/or international), in case of any warranty intervention, will repair or replace the damaged and/or broken items, previously returned by the customers, at their own, so to be inspected by Xenios USA LLC or one of his International Licensers, Agents and/or Dealers (local and/or international), in order to evaluate the validity of the warranty terms.

Xenios USA LLC, its International Licensers, Agents and/or Dealers will not be bound by further purchaser’s own Country laws and regulations on products’ warranty, unless they are issued by the same Country from where goods are invoiced and/or shipped.

Xenios USA® products are not guaranteed against any kind of damage and/or breakage and/or consequence, resulting from an improper use and/or a misuse, and/or a mishandling, misapplication, alteration or modification, and/or abuse of them and/or a shortage of care and maintenance (Please refer also to the “Safety and Usage Guide” and “Care and Maintenance Guide” for the Xenios USA® products. Both can be downloaded from our website www.xeniosusa.com).

Xenios USA® Warranty will not cover any damage occurred to properties and/or persons and/or animals, during the assembling and/or installing procedures of the Xenios USA® products (made by the users) and/or while they are used. Any Xenios USA® product carry its own User and Assembly Manual (where required by the kind of the item), along with the Warranty Card, where special warranties about the assembling, installing and use of the same product are mentioned on. The Xenios USA® products are training tools and they need to be used for such purpose. They are not a toy and so children should always use the same being looked after by adults.

Xenios USA® always recommend to use any workout tools under the guide of expert trainers and just by keep being checked-up by a physician on a regular basis. Xenios USA® warranty doesn’t cover the considered standard wear consequences, (as mere example: chipping or fading out of painting and/or colors and/or chrome-finishing is considered normal wear by the use). Xenios USA® warranty validity is always subjected to the previous inspection of the damaged and/or broken products, by Xenios USA LLC or one of his International Licensers, Agents and/or Dealers. Xenios USA® Warranty doesn’t cover costs of removal and/or transportation for the Xenios USA® products sent by the customers to be inspected (just when needed).

In case of any failure or breakage of any Xenios USA® product, which may be covered under warranty, a formal warranty claim should be submitted to Xenios USA LLC, through the warranty form, at www.xeniosusa.com or directly at one of the Xenios USA® international Licensers, Agents and/or Dealers from where the product was bought. Xenios USA LLC reserves the right to make changes on the design and/or materials and/or features and/or sizes of any Xenios USA® product, without any formal notice. Xenios USA® warranty will not cover any claim for products’ specs and/or feature and/or outlook differences compare with the ones published on to any Xenios USA® marketing mean.

The here above Warranty rules are not applicable to the Dealers and Re-sellers purchases that will be ruled by the relevant Laws and regulations about wholesalers’ business kind.

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