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At Xenios USA® we believe that a good and powerful marketing is not the only way to let a workout tool be really trustable, durable and safe. A serious and as longer as possible products’ warranty chart is one more evidence to let clients believe, but it is not yet the ultimate key-point. At Xenios USA® we develop and draw our products by ourselves, we always work by prototypes that need to be tested in order to confirm that an idea can be really come true and so goes in to a mass-manufacturing process. We seriously control the quality of the production processes and the finished goods, by rejecting all items that can’t match our high quality requirements. We care about packaging and carrying. We listen to all after-sales claims and we take all clients reports in serious consideration: customers’ feed-back is the best way to make all products fitting the true needs of those who buy and use them.

So, what else? The Certifications: at Xenios USA® we like to overstress our products and we also like to let professionals of products’ safety to do it. We like our quality to be also tested by third-parts. Furthermore, we do not just follow the rules about products’ safety. We like to go beyond in testing, and to be able to give to our clients a really safe and severe tested range of products. A tested and certified product is not just a good purchase that could last as longer as possible, or bear severe workouts. A tested product can be also a kind of insurance for those who are going to be an owner or a manager of an Affiliate, a Gym, a Training Center. Headache-less products could be the right way to offer to members a safe workout environment.

TUV-SUD: most of our products (such as benches, racks, Workout    Stations etc..) are tested and  certified by the TUV-SUD®, that is one of the worldwide most reliable product testing company. All products are tested in order to comply with the latest products safety regulations (E.G: in Europe the EN-ISO 20957-1, EN-ISO 957-2 and EN-ISO 957-4)*. All along the catalogue we have mentioned which products are tested according to TUV-SUD® safety specs.
We furthermore care about the safety of the electronic products we carry. Either for the Xenios USA®  items and for any third-brand product, we make sure they feature all needed certification, such as, for example, the CE and the ROHS ones*. In order to make really reliable products, we also concern about safety and quality certifications of raw materials (such as, for example, the steel tubes used to make the whole XRIG™ range of items), painting and coating materials and processes, hardware, welding process and welder’s certified skills. A product making process involve dozens of matters, from raw materials selection up to the packaging of the finished goods, and our R&D and Product Team is just formed by experienced technicians and engineers that can let us be proud to label a workout tool with our logo.

*Some of the mentioned products’ safety regulations and/or safety marks may not be valid for some Countries.








The XRIG™ series was born to provide a never-ending range of items thought to build-up any kind of  Workout-Station. Besides all the pre-set configurations drawn by our R&D Dept., customers could be able to choose among dozens of parts and options so to really have their own station. When a customer gets in touch with our sales team and he needs to be assisted with the drawing of his own station, our XRIG™  team of product’s designers draw the station according to customer’s needs and provide to him the final 3D drawing with all the main specs and sizes. This process helps the customers to have either a bespoke product and a safe station, cause any customer’s sketch, is first switched in to a 3D drawing and then checked by the product designers also for what concern the safety and the stability of all the parts once bolted together. Thanks to our in-house tech department, all needs can be matched: custom sizes, custom colors etc..

STEEL TUBES All XRIG™ parts are made by using stiff steel tubes so to really be ready to bear severe workouts made by several athletes at a time. The steel used to make the tubes is just the S235J steel (UNI-EN 10219-2 compliance*) , one of the strongest on the market. All square tubes are 6×6 cm. sized and 3.5 mm. thickness (11+ gauges), while all the round tubes are 32 mm. diameter by 4 mm. thickness. All main steel parts are bolted together just by using M16 bolts, coupled with M16 self-locking nuts: up to 300 Nm in tightening strength. All bolts feature safety pvc end-caps so to avoid any chance of injury with the offset of the same bolts out of the nuts after being tightened. All hardware is zinc plated so to be rust-proof.

WELDING: All steel parts are welded just by robot and robots are managed just by skilled certified workers, so to have a consistent welding line all-around the tubes’ junctions. Moreover, all holes for bolts and for snap-in / snap-off options are drilled by laser so to be really accurate in diameter and position.

COATING: The standard color of the whole XRIGTM range is the special Xenios USA® XRIG™  Black powder coating. After several tests on the mix of the powder and the coating/drying process, we have found the way to have an high-bonding ratio kind of coating that features a special texture on its surface (once dried), so to provide the right grip for harmless and firmly Muscle-Ups. The special Xenios USA® powder coating is furthermore made by adding to the formula a slightly percentage of wax that makes the coating almost scratch-proof. All steel parts are not less than 60 micron coated. Wherever there are bare steel components (such as pins, poles, or junctions), we protect them just by using the industrial galvanizing process called Hard Chrome.

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