Open 2016…Are you ready for the challenge athletes ?

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There are just a few days left before Open workouts come out. Finally it is coming up to that time where athletes of all levels will be taking part in the worldwide challenge. So how we can get the most out of the Open ? We have some idea how to deal with these amazing 5 weeks enjoing every workout. Take a little advantage and train all those movements that are likely to come up. Almost every year the same “Gymnastic” movements show up in the Open that should involve all the participants. Looking at past editions we can notice that Pull ups, Toes to bar, Muscle ups and more recently Chest to bar pull ups and Hand stand push ups came always out. These movements are mostly performed after a big set of Burpees or wall balls.  It could be ideal to find the right number of reps that we can perform without difficulty or without requiring a long break before get back on the bar. Any athletes will choose a strategy that’s why we shoul think about the workout before doing it. What could slow us down and what we are better at ? We chose our goal and we are now focusing on how we are going to get there. Depending on the workout we will do it only once at 100% or we could choose to familiarize with it performing at 80% before going for the final score. It could seem basic but it will be important look after your hands cause the last thing you want is damage your hands in week one and bring a nasty cut throughout the whole Open’s time. Get of use to training with tape on your hands. Stick to what you are used to because that is where you are at your best. Open workout is always a workout so don’t change your training time. If you’re of use to train in the early morning or evening  perform the Open workout at the same time with the same fueling. Any change could set you for a worst performance. Now it’s time to kick some ass but don’t forget to enjoy always yourself,  it’s not meant to be stresfull. We must learn always something from every workout. Go and make things happen !

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