The “Just-in-Time” Outdoor Equipment for Your Training Zone

Widen the training area of your Box and gym with the Outdoor Rigs and equipment designed by Xenios USA. The “just-in-time” supply allows a faster and safer reopening of your training zone.
If you give more space to your athletes, this will allow you to keep training safely in compliance with the health authorities’ of maintaining a sanitary environment in order to face the Covid-19 emergency.

Just in time supply

It’s time for the outdoors, now!
Xenios USA is ready to promptly support Box/gym owners with all of the equipment they need for a fast and safe reopening.
Our sales team is already operating globally by helping fitness entrepreneurs choose the best outdoor training solutions for any training zone.
We have always been 100% operating even in the middle of the emergency. Today, we are even more proactive, motivated, and prepared for the next step at aiming to relaunch crosstraining and the world of fitness.
We are ready to set up your Outdoor Box today.

Custom set up

The Xenios USA outdoor solutions fit with any environment and training needs.
The essential combination of Outdoor Rig, flooring, plates, and timer is at your disposal to define and build the ideal configuration for your outdoor training zone.
The choice of an Outdoor Rig with rings and training rope widens the exercise range. All of your athletes can perform their WOD with no limits yet safely. Rigs do not require any protection against the elements as their special treatment makes them ultra-resistant and durable. The powder-coated steel components undergo a galvanizing process, which further increases the durability of the structure.
Xenios USA team selected the perfect flooring for outdoor training areas. The permeable XFloor rubber flooring allows water to filter through it so that rain won’t stop training sessions.
The Heavy Duty Bumper Plates are made to bear drops on the hardest surfaces whether it be rubber flooring or asphalt, they’re built to handle any terrain.
Timing is of the essence. Complete your outdoor training zone with the Outdoor WOD timer with the tripod.
Now, your outdoor gym is ready to take off.
Get in touch with the Xenios USA Sales Team and get the perfect custom combination for your training zone.

Outdoor-Proof Design

Each component of your outdoor area designed by Xenios USA considers the outdoors as its natural environment.
The Xenios USA R&D guarantees the reliability and durability of its outdoor equipment thanks to the special anti-rust surface treatment that doesn’t fear any weather condition.
The Outdoor-Proof treatment is a guarantee of reliability thanks to its unique resistance and draining properties.
The Xenios USA Rig’s quality, strength, and durability are experienced by the best cross-training and fitness structures all over the world.

Get in touch with the Xenios USA Sales Team now to open your training zone safely.


Sizes (cm): 417 x 193 x 271(H)
Outdoor proof


Sizes (cm): 417 x 193 x 367(H)
Outdoor proof


Sizes (cm): 417 x 404 x 367(H)
Outdoor proof


Sizes (cm): 705 x 404 x 367(H)
Outdoor proof

XSWDRBTL25 – Weight Drop Rubber Tile

Sizes (cm): 100 x 100 x 2(H)
Weight: 18 Kg/sqm
Outdoor proof

XSBPRBPLS – Heavy Duty Bumper Plates

Range (Kg): 5 – 10 – 15 – 20
Diameter (cm): 45

XSXFITTM01 – WOD Timer + Tripod

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