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  • Made with resistant high-quality nylon, the Xenios USA® Drag strap will be your connection between your sled and your belt. Use it to pull and drag the sled around the workout-facility. With its 4m length it supplies a reliable link for sled pulling and strength-workout.

  • Improve your strenght, speed and accelleration or maximaze your power with heavy loads pulling-exercises. Great reliability and resistance for Xenios Usa® Shoulder Harness . Perfectly fitting harness comes with two front/back padded-straps. Tool must be hooked with its 4 rings at sled.

  • Connect yourself to the sled by this comfortable full Power Belt. Full Power Belt is the gear designed to support heavy-loads pulling like sled-dragging. Equipped with a single ring positioned at the rear, the belt will surprise you for its strength and reliability. Provided with adjustable straps. One size fits all.

  • The Ergo WOD Belt 2.0€44,00 Xenios newest Ergo WOD Belt 2.0 is now available with a sturdy and streamlined design that is made- to- measure.   Designed with quality Neoprene to support your progress in training and prevent back injuries, especially when performing clean and jerk exercises, deadlift and snatch. Velcro inserts allow for speedy [...]
  • The Ergo Weight Lifting Belt 2.0€49,00 If you’re looking for a belt that gets the results you want, at a competitive price, then we’ve created the personalized product for you.  The Xenios USA Ergo Weight Lifting Belt 2.0 goes above and beyond to provide excellent support and superior fit.  Designed with our unique Xenio logo [...]

Showing all 5 results

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