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  • Sometimes it happens that it’s close but not cigar as you might not be at the top of your performances. Therefore, Xenios USA® provides the great Ergo Weightlifting Belts 2.0 for you! These belts are designed to perform clean and jerks, deadlifts, snatches supporting your lumbar-area and protecting it against workout injuries thanks to a […]

  • Climber Guard Size guide: XS: if your calves are < 38 cm in circumference at the widest point and your height is 155cm (5 foot) or less and therefore the length of your leg (tibial tuberosity to the ankle bone is generally 30cm or less) use the small size. S-M: if your calves are < 38 cm in circumference […]

  • Olympic Lifting Strap – Genuine Leather – (PAIR)

  • {"id":4,"instanceName":"Crossover Workout Kit","videos":[{"videoType":"HTML5","title":"Test Video","description":"description","info":"info","thumbImg":"","mp4":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2016\/02\/Crossover-Workout-Kit_XeniosUSA.mp4","enable_mp4_download":"no","prerollAD":"no","prerollGotoLink":"prerollGotoLink","preroll_mp4":"preroll_mp4","prerollSkipTimer":"prerollSkipTimer","midrollAD":"no","midrollAD_displayTime":"midrollAD_displayTime","midrollGotoLink":"midrollGotoLink","midroll_mp4":"midroll_mp4","midrollSkipTimer":"midrollSkipTimer","postrollAD":"no","postrollGotoLink":"postrollGotoLink","postroll_mp4":"postroll_mp4","postrollSkipTimer":"postrollSkipTimer","popupAdShow":"no","popupImg":"","popupAdStartTime":"popupAdStartTime","popupAdEndTime":"popupAdEndTime","popupAdGoToLink":"popupAdGoToLink"}],"instanceTheme":"light","playerLayout":"fitToContainer","videoPlayerWidth":1100,"videoPlayerHeight":500,"videoPlayerShadow":"effect2","colorAccent":"#4e7489","posterImg":"","posterImgOnVideoFinish":"","logoShow":"No","logoPath":"","logoPosition":"bottom-right","logoClickable":"Yes","logoGoToLink":"http:\/\/\/","allowSkipAd":true,"lightBox":true,"lightBoxAutoplay":true,"lightBoxThumbnail":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2017\/06\/Preview-video-Crossover-Workout.jpg","lightBoxThumbnailWidth":"100%","lightBoxThumbnailHeight":"","lightBoxCloseOnOutsideClick":true,"onFinish":"Stop video","autoplay":false,"loadRandomVideoOnStart":"No","shuffle":"No","playlist":"Off","playlistBehaviourOnPageload":"opened (default)","playlistScrollType":"light","preloadSelfHosted":"auto","hideVideoSource":false,"showAllControls":true,"rightClickMenu":true,"autohideControls":2,"hideControlsOnMouseOut":"No","fullscreen":"Fullscreen native","nowPlayingText":"No","infoShow":"No","shareShow":"Yes","facebookShow":"Yes","twitterShow":"Yes","mailShow":"Yes","facebookShareName":"Elite video player","facebookShareLink":"http:\/\/\/item\/elite-video-player-wordpress-plugin\/10496434","facebookShareDescription":"Elite Video Player is stunning, modern, responsive, fully customisable high-end video player for WordPress that support advertising and the most popular video platforms like YouTube, Vimeo or self-hosting videos (mp4).","facebookSharePicture":"","twitterText":"Elite video player","twitterLink":"http:\/\/\/item\/elite-video-player-wordpress-plugin\/10496434","twitterHashtags":"wordpressvideoplayer","twitterVia":"Creative media","googlePlus":"http:\/\/\/item\/elite-video-player-wordpress-plugin\/10496434","embedShow":"No","embedCodeSrc":"","embedCodeW":"","embedCodeH":"","embedShareLink":"https:\/\/","youtubeControls":"custom controls","youtubeSkin":"dark","youtubeColor":"red","youtubeQuality":"default","youtubeShowRelatedVideos":"Yes","vimeoColor":"00adef","videoType":"HTML5 (self-hosted)","submit":"Save Changes","rootFolder":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/plugins\/Elite-video-player\/"}
  • Be patient and regular are two fundamental ingredients to achieve your goal successfully. The Xenios USA® Latex Mini Loop Bands are perfect for your warm-up exercises before the heavy lifting or running training because they act directly on your smaller or ignored muscles which are, however, very important for your mobility. Ideal for rehab or […]

  • Floss Band 150% – 208 cm. x 5 cm. x 1,2 mm. – Nero

  • Rock tape, get recovered soon The Rock Tape Active Recovery is the original and famous tape which relaxes the muscles and fascias and promotes the blood flow acting below the skin lifting it. This tape measures 5cm x 5 cm tape and is considered as the benchmark in kinesiology and therefore, preferred by medical professionals […]

  • The Xenios USA® Lacrosse Ball is the most famous and effective way to increase mobility, breaking up any muscle knots. The Xenios USA® Lacrosse balls can be used from weightlifters or any sport athletes to reach trigger points after a heavy upper workout on traps and delts. Ideal tool for runners too who can massage […]

  • This is what probably inspired The Voice when he sang “I’ve got you under my skin”. The Trigger Point Cold Roller is consider as the most cutting-edge instrument on the market to recover your body. You can use it to get the fastest and most forceful rehab.

  • Ci spiace, ma questo articolo è disponibile soltanto in inglese americano.

  • This is what probably inspired The Voice when he sang “I’ve got you under my skin”. The 3D GRID pattern reproduces the same pressure that you can receive from a therapeutic massage. Rolling on it, you promote the blood flow and oxygenation in your body tissues. Especially when you have a limited mobility due to […]

  • Multiple use Elastic Tubes of Xenios USA® are manufactured in high resistance double layer of pure natural latex coated with a protective Nylon sewing. They allows you to perform high-intensity strength-training exercises without weights. Get a full-body workout, add variety and intensity to your strength-training exercises using them. Easy to store and perfect for exercising while […]

  • Ci spiace, ma questo articolo è disponibile soltanto in inglese americano.

  • Ci spiace, ma questo articolo è disponibile soltanto in inglese americano.

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