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  • Xenios USA Gymnastic wood rings Even wood rings deserves an R&D study, especially when it needs to be employed for heavy duty workouts, like the gymnastic drills are. The 28/32mm grip-diameter Xenios USA® 1.25″ Gymnastic Wood Rings, in order to match such high requirements are made by CNCing a solid piece of wood and then tested […]

  • Your Straps for Gymnastic rings The Xenios USA® 16.4′ Heavy duty Straps Anchor w/cam-buckle – (500 cm) are made by using marine-grade Nylon that features up to 1200 Kg tensile-strength, versus the average 250 to 300 Kg of the recycled polypropylene. They are manufactured to supply maximum safety-grade while performing bodyweight-gymnastic exercises such as muscle-ups, […]

  •  Istruzioni     {"id":8,"instanceName":"Ring Muscle-Up","videos":[{"videoType":"HTML5","title":"Test Video","description":"description","info":"info","thumbImg":"","mp4":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2016\/02\/Technique-Kit-for-gym-rings_Xenios-USA.mp4","enable_mp4_download":"no","prerollAD":"no","prerollGotoLink":"prerollGotoLink","preroll_mp4":"preroll_mp4","prerollSkipTimer":"prerollSkipTimer","midrollAD":"no","midrollAD_displayTime":"midrollAD_displayTime","midrollGotoLink":"midrollGotoLink","midroll_mp4":"midroll_mp4","midrollSkipTimer":"midrollSkipTimer","postrollAD":"no","postrollGotoLink":"postrollGotoLink","postroll_mp4":"postroll_mp4","postrollSkipTimer":"postrollSkipTimer","popupAdShow":"no","popupImg":"","popupAdStartTime":"popupAdStartTime","popupAdEndTime":"popupAdEndTime","popupAdGoToLink":"popupAdGoToLink"}],"instanceTheme":"light","playerLayout":"fitToContainer","videoPlayerWidth":1100,"videoPlayerHeight":500,"videoPlayerShadow":"effect2","colorAccent":"#4e7489","posterImg":"","posterImgOnVideoFinish":"","logoShow":"No","logoPath":"","logoPosition":"bottom-right","logoClickable":"Yes","logoGoToLink":"http:\/\/\/","allowSkipAd":true,"lightBox":true,"lightBoxAutoplay":true,"lightBoxThumbnail":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2017\/06\/Preview-video-techniquekit.jpg","lightBoxThumbnailWidth":"100%","lightBoxThumbnailHeight":"","lightBoxCloseOnOutsideClick":true,"onFinish":"Stop video","autoplay":false,"loadRandomVideoOnStart":"No","shuffle":"No","playlist":"Off","playlistBehaviourOnPageload":"opened (default)","playlistScrollType":"light","preloadSelfHosted":"auto","hideVideoSource":false,"showAllControls":true,"rightClickMenu":true,"autohideControls":2,"hideControlsOnMouseOut":"No","fullscreen":"Fullscreen native","nowPlayingText":"No","infoShow":"No","shareShow":"Yes","facebookShow":"Yes","twitterShow":"Yes","mailShow":"Yes","facebookShareName":"Elite video player","facebookShareLink":"http:\/\/\/item\/elite-video-player-wordpress-plugin\/10496434","facebookShareDescription":"Elite Video Player is stunning, modern, responsive, fully customisable high-end video player for WordPress that support advertising and the most popular video platforms like YouTube, Vimeo or self-hosting videos (mp4).","facebookSharePicture":"","twitterText":"Elite video player","twitterLink":"http:\/\/\/item\/elite-video-player-wordpress-plugin\/10496434","twitterHashtags":"wordpressvideoplayer","twitterVia":"Creative media","googlePlus":"http:\/\/\/item\/elite-video-player-wordpress-plugin\/10496434","embedShow":"No","embedCodeSrc":"","embedCodeW":"","embedCodeH":"","embedShareLink":"https:\/\/","youtubeControls":"custom controls","youtubeSkin":"dark","youtubeColor":"red","youtubeQuality":"default","youtubeShowRelatedVideos":"Yes","vimeoColor":"00adef","videoType":"HTML5 (self-hosted)","submit":"Save Changes","rootFolder":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/plugins\/Elite-video-player\/"}
  • The Training Soft Plyometric Box Non ci sono più scuse, ora tutti hanno la possibilità di fare pratica con i box jump. Ora capirai perchè questo è l’articolo giusto per tutti gli on-ramp e i bambini che desiderano allenarsi al Box in tutta sicurezza: Imbottitura in foam ad alta denstità: 250 Kg/m3 PU Foam (senza effetto […]

  • The Contest Plyometric Box L’allenamento pliometrico permette di migliorare la forza esplosiva, l’elasticità e la reattività muscolare. Contest Plyometric Box offre la possibilità di svolgere numerosi esercizi tipici di questo metodo. Grazie al salto su questo speciale e stabile gradino possiamo sfruttare il ciclo di allungamento-accorciamento delle gambe per migliorare l’uso di energia elastica. Xenios USA […]

  • The XL Abdominal Mat€47,00 The Xenios USA AB Mat XL is our response to the ongoing feedback we receive from Crossfit athletes about what they need to have a top-quality workout.   One of the most popular requests has been for more support and protection for the vital spine and coccyx areas as you strengthen [...]
  • The Abdominal Mat€35,00 The Xenios USA AB Mat is a fundamental core-training accessory for your all-important sit-up routine, whether it’s in a Box or a garage gym.   Using sturdy and streamlined materials, it is easy-to-use and adaptable to all body shapes.  We guarantee a safe and easy way to strengthen that all-important area of [...]
  • Parallettes are an indispensable piece of training equipment. With bodyweight exercises alone, incredible strength can be developed simply by selecting positions that will increase muscle loading. The Xenios USA® Paralletes are made with top quality steel and have a Max. weight load of 150 Kg. Put them undure pressure and test them with Static Holds, […]

    • Extra Light – Max Resist. 4.5 Kg
    • Ultra Light – Max Resist. 11.5 Kg
    • Light – Max Resist. 34 Kg
    • Medium – Max Resist. 54 Kg
    • Heavy – Max Resist. 79 Kg
    • Extra Heavy – Max Resist. 104 Kg
    • Ultra Heavy – Max Resist. 113 Kg
    • Monster – Max Resist. 122 Kg

    • Light (2) – Max Resist. 10 Kg
    • Medium (3) – Max Resist. 20 Kg
    • Heavy (4) – Max Resist. 30 Kg

  • Safety first, it’s our motto… Plyometric training refers to explosive compound movements, commonly done with bodyweight only. The primary reason we do jumping exercises is to exploit the stretch-shortening cycle of the legs to improve the use of elastic energy. But new athletes could fear to hurt themself trying to jump on box-top. So we solved […]

  • Ci spiace, ma questo articolo è disponibile soltanto in inglese americano.

  • The Eco Friendly NBR Exercise Mat w/rings – Short (140 x 60 x 1.5 cm.) Make any space a proper gymnastics training room by laying down one the Xenios USA® Eco Friendly NBR Exercise Mat. Ideal indoor or outdoor equipment for workout like bodyweight movements, stretching exercises, yoga exercises, it provides excellent support and protection […]

  • Ci spiace, ma questo articolo è disponibile soltanto in inglese americano.

  • Plyometric training refers to explosive compound movements, commonly done with bodyweight only. The primary reason we do jumping exercises is to exploit the stretch-shortening cycle of the legs to improve the use of elastic energy. Ideal equipment for functional training – center and affiliate box, the Xenios USA® Steel Plyometric Boxes feature a stable footprint an […]

Showing all 19 results

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