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Despite  Weightlifting Bars may look like a straight piece of steel, it is one of the workout tools that needs a serious research and development job. Professional and reliable Weightlifting Bars must be made in order to provide the best whip, along with a knurling that must feature an harmless grip. It must be reliable and thus bear an infinity quantity of drops, sweat and chalk: so, bents, breakages and rust are not allowed. Sleeves must spin in the smoothest way and, in the meantime, they must stay on the shaft: safety first, a sleeve snap-off is really not admitted. A Weightlifting Barbell must be made by the rule book of the IWF, e.g.: a Man Weightlifting bar can’t be shorter than 220 cm. and lighter than 20 Kg.

Last but not least, one bar is never enough for the market: needs are various, budgets are not all the same and so, a Bar that doesn’t belong to an entire range, it doesn’t worth.

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Showing all 21 results

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