Barra Rifle Pro-Training Mujer Barra Rifle Pro-Training Mujer Barra Rifle Pro-Training Mujer Barra Rifle Pro-Training Mujer Barra Rifle Pro-Training Mujer Barra Rifle Pro-Training Mujer Barra Rifle Pro-Training Mujer Barra Rifle Pro-Training Mujer Barra Rifle Pro-Training Mujer Barra Rifle Pro-Training Mujer
Barra Rifle Pro-Training Mujer

The Rifle Woman Pro-Training Bar is a Weight Lifting Bar. It can be included among the Xenios USA® Training Bars as a perfect tool for Weight Lifting Classes and Olympic WODs. It features the ultimate patent-pending “Rifle Knurling”. The Rifle Knurling was developed by the Xenios USA® R&D Dept inspired by the pattern used on firearm grips. The Rifle Knurling pattern increases the hands’ grip on the bar while reducing the sharpness of the steel surface, therefore, reducing pain and the injuries to the hands.

Last but not least, the Rifle Knurling, thanks to its special design, helps to wipe off chalk. Compared with the standard “Diamond” or “Reverse Diamond” Bar knurling patterns, the Rifle Knurling doesn’t feature any carved spots, so the chalk can’t get anywhere that makes it difficult to be removed.

On the Rifle Woman Pro-Training Bar shaft there are the Weight Lifting and the Power Lifting marks and there isn’t the central knurling.
The Rifle Woman Pro-Training Bar is manufactured by using high grade spring steel. The shaft is heat-treated in order to reach a tensile strength of 190.000+ PSI and it is made by using steel rods tested for a 1000 Lbs (453 Kg.) Max. Load. The steel of the Rifle Woman Pro-Training Bar’s shaft features the perfect whip for Weight Lifting and it has a lifetime warranty against bending and breakages.The Rifle Woman Pro-Training Bar complies with the IWF Weight Lifting Woman Bar specifications, so: 201 cm length, 15 Kg weight, 25 mm shaft diameter. Sleeves are fine grooved to reduce the probability of plates sliding off while touch-and-go drops are continuously performed.
Sleeves are assembled with the Xenios USA® double-safe locking system: one inner steel fork to prevent the sleeve from snapping off and two outer snap-rings to prevent the sleeves from outside-to-inside sliding.

Sleeves revolve on oversized bronze bushings (inner side) and 2Z-Ball Bearings (outer side). Sleeves construction parts are all factory-lubricated.Shaft and Sleeves of the Rifle Woman Pro-Training Bar are all bright Zinc Plated in order to be rust resistant.At Xenios USA® we also care about the equipment aesthetic, so the Rifle Woman Pro-Training Bar features a one-of-a-kind design set of ID, meaning, : the Boss aluminum ring, the Boss silicon bracelet and the Sleeve end-cap.

Gear Specs

- Bar TypeWoman 
- Bar Use: WL/Oly WL/Multipurpose 
- Bushings/Bearings: Bronze-Graphite Bushings 
- Weigh: 15 Kg
- Tolerance: ± 2% (of the declared weight)

- Total Length: 201 cm
- Material: Spring Steel 
- Diameter: 25 mm
- Knurl: Rifle (patent design) 
- Center Knurl: No 
- Marks: Dual 
- Shaft Coating: Bright Zinc
- Sleeve Coating: Bright Zinc 
- Sleeve Length: 32 cm
- Sleeve diameter: Olympic size (2 inch) 49.8 mm

- Tensile Strength: 190.000+ PSI 
- Max load: 453 Kg

The knurling texture of the Xenios USA Rifle Bars is made by an exclusive and patented desing created at the Xenios USA product dept. We have been the first to launch this special knurling on 2016. Many have tried to copy and many keep trying to do it, but the genuine design is only the Xenios  USA one, so beware of copies!

Barra Rifle Pro-Training Mujer


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Barra Rifle Pro-Training Mujer
Barra Rifle Pro-Training Mujer

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