Heavy Duty Artificial Turf

X-Floor - Heavy Duty Artificial Turf Roll

Use the Heavy Duty Artificial Turf Roll from Xenios USA to make your training zone unique. It can be placed either indoors or outdoors, it’s resistant and versatile for running, sprints, or for your sled workouts. It’s perfect for making your environment more welcoming and to complete spaces where you don’t need to protect the floor underneath with our rubber flooring, but you don’t want to leave the floor uncovered.

Characteristics of the X-Floor Heavy Duty Artificial Turf Roll

The Xenios USA Artificial Turf Roll is sold in rolls and measures 2 m wide by 25 m long, with a 15 mm thickness. Upon request, it’s possible to purchase just half of a roll (2 x 12,5 m).

Trustworthiness of the material.

The underside of the Artificial Heavy Duty Turf roll (which touches the floor), is made of polypropylene, a thermo-plastic material that’s very resistant and melts at high temperatures, wood, latex (BASF) and RES UV, a silicone sealant that ensures the material doesn’t slip and remains firmly on the ground, as well as guaranteeing exceptional resistance to UV rays and other atmospheric conditions.

The top of the turf is also made of polypropylene, but in a different form: it has monofilaments (3500 dtx) that are curled and arranged in a particular process that’s called “tufts” on the surface of the roll, on the part of the product that you can see. This type of material and process guarantees a waterproof product and is particularly resistant to UV rays.

Additionally, the product is EFL class certified in regards to fire resistance and according to European regulation.

Easy set up.

Bringing a breathe of fresh air to your training zone and giving a new look to your new gym or home gym has never been this easy. The Xenios USA Artificial Heavy Duty Turf Roll is made of material that makes it very easy to set up, and you’ll only need double-sided tape or specific glue to install the turf.

Work out on the X-Floor Heavy Duty Artificial Turf Roll.

You can use the Artificial Turf Roll as flooring for your sprints or running sessions, either indoors or outdoors of your training area. You can take advantage of the roll by using it for your handstand walks or for your training sessions that include sled push or sled pull exercises. You’ll see that the artificial turf allows you to slide our training sleds effortlessly, even more so if you use our optional nylon skies for the sleds.

Don’t miss the opportunity to work out on the X-Floor Heavy Duty Artificial Turf Roll from Xenios USA. 

The price is per square meter.
Can be used outdoors or indoors.

Use double-sided tape or specific glue to install.

Surface color: Green
Base color: Black

Roll Dimensions: 2 m width – 25 m length

Half of a roll can be ordered upon request with the dimensions of 2 x 12,5 m.

Turf height: 15 mm +/- 10%
Weight: 1814 gr/m2 +/- 5%
Tensile Strength: +/- 55 N
Water Proof: 60 l/min/ 100 cm2


Materials: 100% “curled” polypropylene monofilament (UV stabilized)
Type: 3500 dtex (UV stabilized)
Thickness: 15 mm +/- 10%
Weight: 900 gr/m2


Materials: Polypropylene + fleece + latex (BASF®) + res. U.V.
Weight: 914 gr./m2  +/- 2%
EFL fire reaction classification

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Heavy Duty Artificial Turf


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725,00 €
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* El importe del IVA puede variar según el país de destino.
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