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Plataformas Halterofilia y Accesorios

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2 Artículo (s)

Plataformas Halterofilia y Accesorios

Xenios USA Weightlifting platforms and accessories

Any training accessory needed by a weightlifter, you can find it on the Xenios USA Online Shop. Any weightlifting equipment, find its place among the Xenios Usa selection. The materials quality and reliability are the outcome of our research, experience, and collaboration with the specialists of this discipline. It's time to raise the bar of your training mindset and take care of every single detail. Choose the best accessories for weightlifting.

The owners of gyms or home gyms know perfectly that their training zone must be organized in order to provide athletes with the best environment. The best equipment has to be at their disposal to make them reach their goals. Whatever training program they're following, the training accessories must provide a sense of safety and stability during the toughest workout!

Those who have experienced the satisfaction of having set up a real home gym, always think about how to improve the quality of their equipment in order to begin a new training program. The weightlifting equipment category meets the needs of those who train at the gym or at home!

In weightlifting accessories category, you can find the essential equipment to start training with the dedication and accuracy that weightlifting requires. Discover the quality of the Xenios USA weightlifting platforms and jerk blocks.

For all those who do not know how to best set up their training zone for weightlifting, here is a quick tip: look at your feet. Yes, you are keeping your feet on the same floor you will drop your weights and barbells. The first equipment you need is a weightlifting platform. The Xenios USA weightlifting platform is the first step to set your space to weightlifting. A solid steel structure encloses a rubber and bamboo platform - also available with the entirely rubberized surface - which is capable of absorbing the most violent drops and reducing annoying vibrations.

Another essential weightlifting accessory are the jerk blocks. The **wood jerk blocks ** are designed for those who want to train the final phase of lifting and clean and jerk in order to find their top performance. That's why the jerk blocks structure supports the heaviest loads and drops. In addition to resistance and shock absorption, the essential feature of these blocks is modularity.

Discover the Xenios USA weightlifting platforms and accessories. Visit this section to get what you need for improving your performance.

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